Tools for Financial Planning

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Talking to Mom and Dad about money can be difficult, and not just when you’re young and need $20 for dinner and a movie. As parents age and need more care, the conversation may become a necessity between adult children and parents. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always get easier to talk about money, and sometimes the financial picture an elderly loved one paints is a bit more rosy than the reality. Additionally, seniors often consider finances completely private information and any attempt at learning more about what options are available can be seen by a senior loved one as prying. To help start the financial planning conversation, Senior Lifestyle has compiled a list of resources and tips to utilize when you’re unsure if your loved one’s finances are sufficient for the care they need.

Learning more about your family’s unique financial situation and needs is the first step to finding a senior housing solution. To facilitate that important first step in financial planning, many of our communities have partnered with Elderlife Financial, an organization that specializes in helping families navigate the senior housing journey and understand financing options available to them. Elderlife can provide education and additional resources on applying for Veterans Benefits and Long Term Care Insurance, as well as valuable information on bridge loans prior to the sale of a home. Contact a Senior Lifestyle Community Advisor for more information, or visit the Elderlife Financial website to get started.

Another financial option for some seniors is the conversion of an existing life insurance policy to pay for a loved one’s stay at a Senior Lifestyle community. To determine if your insurance policy can be converted into a Life Care Benefit Plan to cover expenses of care, simply visit the Life Care Funding website for information on conversion. There is no cost or obligation for this financial planning service and the information may well provide a valuable option for senior housing and care.

At Senior Lifestyle, we understand the value of companionship as well as financial health, so we also offer the affordable option of Shared Suites for seniors. This option provides newcomers to communities with a friend right at the outset and residents are matched based on personality, interests and backgrounds to ensure compatibility. In addition to the resources note above, this option can make senior living much more affordable and comfortable.

For a comprehensive list of these resources and tips, as well as a senior financial planning calculator, please visit our website at Our website also provides contact information for our senior communities in your area, where a visit with one of our senior housing professionals is just a click away!

Financial Health

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For adult children, “the financial conversation” is one of the most difficult aspects of changing the living situation of their parents. Discussions about money can be fraught with anticipated conflict, and although the conversation itself may seem intrusive to both parents and children, it is a necessary one. Understanding what funds and financial options are available is vital to the senior living decision-making process. Having this information at the outset may save a great deal of time and frustration, not only for seniors but for their families as well. Any move can be emotionally difficult, so eliminating as much stress as possible is a great idea for all involved!

At Senior Lifestyle, we care about not only the physical and emotional well-being of our residents, but their financial health as well. That’s why we recommend the services of companies like Elderlife Financial. A leading senior solutions company, Elderlife helps families plan, locate, and finance senior housing needs, and provides a variety of services to facilitate the moving process, including:

  • Financing Senior Living
    A bridge loan can help fund senior living while waiting for insurance payments or Veteran’s Benefits to begin, or while waiting for the sale of a home. This service allows families the peace of mind of an immediate move.
  • Veteran Benefits Assistance
    Many veterans are unfamiliar with the benefits available to them. Elderlife can assist in the process of gathering the necessary information to apply for the “Aid & Attendance” pension benefit, as well as providing short term funding while waiting for approval.
  • Assistance with Insurance
    If a long-term care policy is in place to pay for care, Elderlife can help navigate the often-complex process of making a claim and qualifying for benefits. Additionally, life insurance policies are a potential source of funding for senior living. They can be sold or borrowed against to pay for care.

You don’t have to navigate the senior living journey alone; we care about your financial health, and our community advisors are here to help. For information on a Senior Lifestyle community near you, take a look at our website to schedule a visit and meet with an advisor. Financial resources are available on the Senior Lifestyle website as well, so help is just a click away!

New Ideas for Supporting Caregivers

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caregiver financial assistance

People who commit their time, energy, love, and resources to care for a friend or relative are also sacrificing their own future retirement income. One congresswoman has proposed an amendment to the Social Security Act in an attempt to compensate our caregivers when they need it most.

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