Caring and Creativity Come Together in Webster, New York

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Martha Walton has been living at Castle Pointe at Baywinde in Webster, New York, with Tiny, her cat, for “seven wonderful years.” About two months ago, she came across an article in the paper about a program called Dress a Girl Around the World. The program, coordinated by the Angels of Mercy organization, helps volunteers make dresses out of new, sturdy cotton fabric for girls across the globe who can’t afford dresses of their own.

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Combat Alzheimer’s With 5 Tasty Turmeric Recipes

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Turmeric is one of India’s most beloved spices, and in America we know it as one of the main ingredients found in curry dishes, as well as the secret to mustard’s bright yellow color. But in addition to being delicious, turmeric is also full of amazingly healthful properties. Studies upon studies have shown that turmeric can greatly reduce the effects of Alzheimer’s, and that it is chock-full of anti-inflammatory elements that can noticeably help soothe pain associated with arthritis.
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