Residents at The Garnet of Casa Grande Partner with Loving Hearts Loving Meals

It’s been said that food is the universal language of love, and a partnership between The Garnet of Casa Grande and Loving Hearts Loving Meals seems to prove that point deliciously. Delivering homemade soups, cookies, and nutritious snacks daily to Cancer Treatment Services in Casa Grande, Arizona, Loving Hearts Loving Meals volunteers have been providing a unique form of support since 2014. The program is funded through private donations and fundraisers, including bake sales at monthly local craft fairs. Meals are delivered to patients on the day of their treatment to take home or eat while at the facility, helping them to maintain their strength during.

The Garnet of Casa Grande is an award-winning community providing both Independent and Assisted Living programs with a wide variety of amenities and activities for residents. Perhaps just as importantly, The Garnet supports local volunteer programs. A fortunate meeting at an open house hosted by the Cancer Support Center in Casa Grande paved the way for this delicious volunteer opportunity. Tammy Nash, Executive Director of The Garnet of Casa Grande, met manager Diane Gaines of the Cancer Support Center and asked what she and her staff could do to help those in the community; Diane had the perfect opportunity: a program called Loving Hearts Loving Meals. Tammy says, “We are so humbled to have the opportunity to reach out and help someone within our community.”

Tammy and her staff at The Garnet of Casa Grande make homemade soups and cookies for delivery to the Cancer Center, providing the patients with much-needed support during their treatment. She says, “We here at The Garnet are so happy that by us just dishing up a bowl of soup or baking some cookies we are helping those fighting a battle that is much more at times than they can handle.” Tammy adds that she and her staff at The Garnet share the love for anyone fighting a battle with cancer and are glad to provide something to keep patients comfortable while going through their journey.

To learn more about the spirit of volunteerism at The Garnet of Casa Grande or to schedule a tour of the community, please visit our Senior Lifestyle website. To learn more about Loving Hearts Loving Meals and other support services for cancer patients, visit the Cancer Support Center’s Facebook page.

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