Making the Transition

Our service culture, award-winning programs, fine dining, and life-enrichment activities all contribute to a first-rate experience for our residents. There are, however, always reservations about making a lifestyle change—even if it’s a positive one. We’d like you to be informed as possible about how best to make this transition, whether you are a family member, caregiver, or resident.

Shared Suites

We know that companionship goes a long way toward getting the most out of life. Many new Senior Lifestyle residents find that living with another resident can also help them as they transition into their new independent lifestyle. Residents are matched based on compatible interests, backgrounds, and personalities. And not only are Shared Suites a great way to make friends right off the bat—they are also a very affordable option.
Find a Shared Suites lifestyle option near you. [link to community finder page]