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Senior Activities & Enrichment Programs

Led by programming directors at each community, our daily calendars are filled with events to help residents stay active and fulfilled, encompassing the 6 Elements of a Fulfilling Lifestyle. Each community is unique, as are the inclusive events that cater to the daily needs of their residents.

Independent Living

Elderly couple dancing

Independent Living programming is constructed with the residents in mind, with events that fit their active lifestyles.

Independent Living Calendar

Assisted Living

Elderly woman petting a dog in her lap.

Assisted Living programming lets residents choose events that meet their preferences and abilities with support as necessary.

Assisted Living Calendar

Memory Care

Elderly man looking at book with friendly nurse

Memory Care programming is specially designed to help residents with memory challenges feel happy, inspired and secure.

Memory Care Calendar

The 6 Elements of a Fulfilling Lifestyle

To meet the life-affirming needs and expectations of our residents, our Be Inspired wellness programming calendars encompass the 6 Elements of a Fulfilling Lifestyle.

1. Move

These activities give opportunity to improve cardiovascular endurance, flexibility and muscular strengthening. This dimension encourages increased knowledge to achieve healthy lifestyle habits and discourages excessive, negative behavior.

We move by experiencing

  1. Active Games
  2. Balance and Coordination
  3. Chair Exercise
  4. Strength Training

2. Grow

These events encourage residents to use their mind to create a greater appreciation and understanding of oneself and others. This promotes the individual expansion of knowledge and skill base through a variety of cultural classes and resources.

We Grow Through

  1. Book Clubs
  2. Current Events and Issues
  3. Games
  4. New Learning

3. Feel

These opportunities encourage the expression and understanding of personal feelings and individuality, increasing self-esteem and having fun. This promotes compassion and connection to each other and reduces isolation.

We Feel Through

  1. Art Appreciation
  2. Music Appreciation
  3. Pet Therapy
  4. Support Groups

4. Reflect

These events relate to the human spirit. They include contemplation, personal values and ethics, philosophy, and religion. Spiritual activities help one contact a higher power, appreciate beauty, feel uplifted, find meaning and manage stress.

We Reflect Through

  1. Gardening and Communing with Nature
  2. Life Lesson Discussions
  3. Meditation
  4. Religious Worship and Services

5. Connect

These activities put residents in contact with other people and the community. These social opportunities involve appreciation for the uniqueness of others. They enable residents to join in society, nurture relationships, share interests and talk.

We Connect Through

  1. Entertainment
  2. Holiday Celebrations
  3. Parties and Mixers
  4. Social Clubs

6. Contribute

These activities extend to volunteer work to help others at home or out in the community. This gives residents an opportunity to stay connected, whether by helping out with community projects or serving the needs of the nearby community.

We Connect Through

  1. Fund Raising
  2. Service Projects
  3. Resident Committees
  4. Walk-a-Thons and Roll-a-Thons

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