Senior Activities & Wellness Programs

Social Engagement and Connection

Senior Sidekicks

Our Senior Sidekicks program gives students from local communities an opportunity to create intergenerational connections. This program allows people to take part in games, social events, and educational activities. We believe that our program can achieve a better community with a better quality of life for all ages. Senior Sidekicks is perfect for the young at heart because it keeps residents involved in our community while students learn from those who are beyond their years.

Happy Hour and Special Events

We believe in finding a reason to celebrate life’s little moments every day! Our communities aim to create an atmosphere where planned events and festivities will help you connect with new faces or spend time with beloved friends and family. Many of our communities have happy hours that serve up delicious drinks along with live music or comedy acts. You can find yourself at elegant dinner parties, wine and cheese tastings, or ice cream socials on warm summer days. You’ll love checking the monthly calendar to see what exciting event is just around the corner.


Technology creates more possibilities for you to stay connected with the people and places you love. Many of our common spaces offer complimentary Wi-Fi or Business Centers. Catch-up with friends and family through email, check the latest sports scores or read the news each morning with our easy internet access. If you need a refresher course to help you thrive online, our communities often provide computer and internet literacy courses that will allow you to feel more confident on the web.

Start or Join a Club!

We love that our communities are shaped by the passionate and diverse residents that call us home. Our friendly staff is always open to creating new opportunities for residents to enjoy their favorite hobbies or lifelong passions. From billiards to book clubs, we will work with you to develop activities that help you find more joy in our community. You can start a new club to explore your spiritual or intellectual interests, form a study group with like-minded friends, or discover new passions.


Activity and Movement

Fitness / Exercise Classes

Fitness is an important piece of any lifestyle. That’s why we make it simple to incorporate movement and activity into your days. We offer scheduled exercise classes and offer on-site fitness centers to help you find daily workouts you’ll enjoy. From strength training to yoga, there is truly something for everyone. We also encourage swimming and water aerobics for a fun, low-impact pastime in our communities with on-site pools. Our caring staff tailor activities to the abilities and interests of residents. Discover what moves you in any of our beautiful communities!


If you like getting out and enjoying new things, you’ll love our socially-engaged outings. Residents get to see, explore, and discover the greater community around them. We take frequent trips to local museums, restaurants, and so much more. Whether you like nights out at the theater or love spending your days at the casino, there are plenty of outings to choose from that are sure to delight.


How would you like to get out and explore your community without the stress or worry of driving in traffic? Our communities offer accessible transportation options, which allows you to be more mobile than ever. We make it easy to schedule a ride, and our professional staff can assist you while you are out and about. Whether you have a medical appointment or want to catch an afternoon movie at the theater, our transportation services can help you get around with ease!

Wii Sports

Nintendo Wii helps you enjoy a world of sports, activities, and games at the touch of a button. Our communities love playing Wii bowling, golf, tennis, as well as other interactive pastimes. We also have senior communities that have joined international leagues and competitions, which adds to the enjoyment and thrill. Our residents can be a part of old passions and take on new adventures through the magic of technology.

Art and Creativity

Visual Arts

We know that visual arts are an important outlet of expression for many of our seniors. We offer painting, drawing, and sculpture classes to help you explore your artistic skills. There are plenty of opportunities for guided crafts and adapted projects to fit any ability. If you want to work on a private project, many of our communities have dedicated spaces that are perfect for your needs.


Cooking is a lifelong passion that many of our residents still enjoy. Even while you savor our daily dining services, you can also participate in cooking and baking activities in our community. From making holiday cookies and treats to expanding your skills through our advanced classes, we create more ways for you to indulge in your love for cooking.


At Senior Lifestyle, many of our communities have gardening programs that allow you to get outside and enjoy the fruits of your labors. Many communities are filled with dedicated garden beds, flower boxes, and even greenhouses.


Our dedicated staff strives to create musical moments in our communities that bring joy and connection to our residents. You can join choirs, play your favorite instrument, or sit back and watch live music from local artists. We love how music can re-engage the moments and feelings that you have cherished over the years. Senior Lifestyle welcomes you to share your musical interests and favorite genres with your community!


We welcome you to explore your love of performance through plays, improv, holiday programs and more. We love seeing our thespian residents work towards a common goal and then share their talents with an appreciative audience.

Dining for Wellness

Excellence in Dining

We enjoy creating a dining experience that impresses each day through presentation, taste, and service. Our culinary team will work with you to define your preferences and nutritional needs while preparing delicious menus that offer you the perfect balance of nutrition.

Family Meals

Our inviting dining venues draw in our residents, friends, and family to enjoy delicious meals and each other’s company. You will love each experience around our tables because they are full of light and laughter. Many of our communities offer private spaces for you to host get-togethers, birthday parties, and celebrations.

Food Committees

You can also influence the look, feel, and taste of your dining experience. We have food committees that help our culinary professionals meet the needs of our residents. You can work with your neighbors to guide the type of dishes and experiences you would like to see more often–to create a lifestyle you’ll love!

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