Senior Lifestyle

Senior Lifestyle’s Vision

To become the trusted leader in senior living services by creating great places to work and great places to live.

Senior Lifestyle’s Mission

Everyday Senior Lifestyle’s caring team members purposefully brighten and enrich the lives of those we serve with dedication to our Core Values: HEART.



At Senior Lifestyle, we help our residents create fulfilling lifestyles by promoting a culture of health, wellness, and connection. We go the extra mile to support the overall wellbeing of residents so they could thrive.

Each community is unique with its own set of diverse seniors, supported by our friendly and compassionate staff. In addition to our wonderful team, our communities provide a variety of personalized care plans, innovative programming, convenient amenities, and more for our residents.

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For more information on retirement and senior housing options, reach out to a Senior Lifestyle community near you.

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Our Award-Winning Programs

We believe in promoting a culture of health and wellness for our residents and their loved ones. We are proud to offer award-winning programs that help enrich the lives of our seniors each day.

Walk With Me

Our Walk With Me program connects residents living with cognitive challenges to a dedicated memory loss caregiver who guides families through the move-in process. We understand that memory issues create more barriers during these difficult transitions. Our caregivers focus on maintaining communication with you while creating trust and reducing anxiety for your loved one.

Brain Health University

Brain Health University (BHU) keeps residents alert and engaged in the wider world around them. We create enjoyable, stimulating programming that will spark your love for learning while flexing your memory and retention skills.

Our comprehensive approach is inspired by popular topics and innovative brain health research to keep your attention and provide helpful knowledge. Once you’ve completed all of our engaging courses, you will receive a Brain Health University diploma to show yourself, family, and friends all that you have learned!

embrace Memory Care

In embrace Memory Care, your family can reimagine the possibilities available to seniors living with memory issues, Dementia, or Alzheimer’s. This program uses our residents’ senses and long-term recall to enable bright pockets of connection, choice, and fulfillment.

We also support family and friend connections through innovative programs that help to make visits to our community more meaningful. Through guided communication and memory recall tools, you can realize new pathways to reaffirming lifetime bonds.

History of Senior Lifestyle

Since 1985, Senior Lifestyle has been at the forefront of serving senior living residents and their families. We developed and opened our first community on the Chicago lakefront and have since expanded nationally to operate over 130 communities in 27 states from coast to coast. Our operations cover the full spectrum of senior living settings, including independent living, assisted living, memory care, and continuing care communities.

We also provide a range of living options to accommodate seniors with varying levels of financial resources – luxury, middle-market, and affordable.
Senior Lifestyle is a privately owned company committed to our Vision of creating Great Places to Work and Great Places to Live. Our success in fulfilling this commitment is rooted in the dedication of our caring team members who are guided by our “HEART” core values – Hospitality | Excellence | Appreciation | Respect | Teamwork.

Senior Lifestyle’s long history has formed the foundation for sustained growth and innovation. We are excited for the continued opportunity to advance our Mission to “brighten and enrich the lives of those we serve.

Excellence at Every Level of Care

You can live brighter days full of discovery and fulfillment when receiving your right level of care from Senior Lifestyle. All of our senior living communities start each day by enriching the lives of our residents, family members, and staff. Compassion and care abound in bright atmospheres and comfortable settings, helping you to feel cared for and at home from the first day.

We provide the personalized care, superior service, and convenient amenities you expect in our communities. In addition, our innovative programming and vibrant lifestyles make every day full of purpose.

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Independent Living

Independent Lifestyles are best for those who want their needs taken care of, without sacrificing their independence. We take care of household chores, home maintenance, or safety in our communities, all while offering a wide range of programming and social atmospheres.

Assisted Living

Our assisted living services are personalized to meet the needs of our residents. This means developing programming and spaces within the community to address each resident’s health and wellness goals. We also take over daily to-do’s such as housekeeping, cooking, and maintenance–making it easier for seniors to casually enjoy their golden years.

Memory Care

Our award-winning Memory Care program consists of supportive, adapted living spaces for residents living with Alzheimer’s, dementia or memory loss. We personalize our care plan through interaction, environment, and communication to ensure your loved one can live well while engaging with their surroundings.

Skilled Nursing

Skilled nursing offers specialized care to seniors after an illness, surgery, when managing a chronic disease, or other unique care needs. We offer round-the-clock support and work closely with your physicians to create a care plan that helps you greet each day with confidence.

Short-Term Care

Our short-term option covers Adult Day Services, Respite Care, and other forms of aid. Whether you need a much-deserved break from caretaking or need assistance after surgery, discover how our short-term options can support your wellness needs.

Affordable Housing

Our affordable options provide vibrant settings, social atmospheres, and engaging programming to help you create the perfect senior lifestyle. With assistance from our attentive staff, you can thrive knowing that you have chosen a safe community that engages your mind and supports wellness.

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For more information on retirement and senior housing options, reach out to a Senior Lifestyle community near you.