Vision and Mission at Senior Lifestyle

Hospitality and Nutrition

Residents don’t concern themselves with grocery stores and pharmacies. Community life provides everything needed, with exceptional dining and a host of thoughtful touches, and convenient and refined services. You can count on maintenance to fix it, housekeeping to maintain it, and staff to deliver – always.

Speaking of dining, you know that a culinary experience inspires emotion, from the nostalgic aroma of bread in the oven to the warm comfort of a perfectly-seasoned soup on a rainy day. Families can rest assured knowing their loved one is served delicious meals each day. We combine the joys of dining with the nutrition experts say our residents need to live a healthy life.

Each community offers its own unique culinary experience, but you can expect the following at a Senior Lifestyle community:

  • Nutritious meals to promote wellness
  • Distinct and dynamic menu choices
  • Decadent desserts
  • Seasonal cuisine and holiday fare for special events
  • Family and guest dining for deeper connections
  • Menus that suit personalized and customized resident diets
  • Restaurant-style dining
A group of seniors raising their glasses during a meal at a senior living community.

“The food has always been very good and the dining service is more than adequate. They all know my mom’s name and what she likes.”

Carolyn C

Resident's Daughter

Security and Safety

It’s amazing what a happy, secure home can do for your sense of well-being. Our communities are designed with comfort and safety in mind, and we go the extra mile to ensure our residents feel happy, secure, and inspired. We maintain secure perimeters to keep our residents safe, and our expert and attentive staff make sure each resident is well cared for and listened to.

Security offerings may vary based on the needs of our residents. You can expect the following at our communities:

  • Expert, attentive staff
  • Secure perimeters and safety protocols
  • Sophisticated security systems
  • Emergency response protocols
  • Wellness checks
  • Medication reminders
  • On-site nursing staff
  • Transportation to and from doctor’s appointments
A woman showing a senior something on a phone.

“The staff is outstanding and everybody is very pleasant, so it’s all like a family. The maintenance is excellent and the housekeeping services are very good. Management is accessible and respectful. I have had conversations with the staff where they helped my sister Facetime or call me via cellphone. She feels safe and comfortable at the community.”

Joe C.

Resident's Brother

Friendship and Engagement

The importance of social connections should never be underestimated, especially as people get older. That’s why we’ve developed a robust calendar of engaging programming – including art, craft, fitness, walking groups, lectures, recreation – alongside the spontaneous coffee klatches and pull-up-a-chair-and-join-us chats. We promote meaningful connections between residents, their friends, and their families through technology, games, recreation, and classes.

Each community has a distinct set of programming and amenities, but you can expect the following at a Senior Lifestyle community:

  • Gaming and recreation rooms
  • A variety of classes, groups, and clubs
  • Technology to promote virtual socializing
  • Happy hours and holiday parties
  • A dynamic, lively calendar of daily programming
A group of four seniors enjoying each other's company.

“The place always has activities going on and they try to get him to participate. They even try to come up with new activity ideas and they include the residents in the decisions. Management has always been more than willing to help with anything… They strive to take good care of the residents, which is all we can ask for.”

Sue D.

Resident's Daughter

Health and Wellness

Passionately and with H.E.A.R.T. – Hospitality, Excellence, Appreciation, Respect, Teamwork – we look after our residents’ physical and mental health. Our Be Inspired wellness program encompasses the 6 Elements of a Fulfilling Lifestyle, highlighted below:

  • “Movement” focuses on staying active and strengthening physical health
  • “Grow” expands access to new learning opportunities
  • “Feel” ensures a variety of outlets for emotional support
  • “Reflect” focuses on managing stress and channeling spirituality
  • “Connect” focuses on social opportunities and meaningful relationships
  • “Contribute” lets residents make a positive impact on their community

View our Activities & Wellness page to learn more about each of the 6 Elements

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Health and Wellness

Everything that’s good for mind, body and soul is woven together to create a Senior Lifestyle community. As our residents have chosen, you too can choose to live with purpose and indulge in all the goodness life can offer.

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The best way to learn about the specific services and amenities at a Senior Lifestyle community is to reach out to the community. No two communities are exactly alike, and we encourage potential residents and their families to research communities as much as possible to ensure they’re connecting with the perfect community for their needs. Contact a community near you or schedule a virtual tour today for more information.
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