What is Short-Term Care?

Short-Term Care Experience

At Senior Lifestyle, we ensure the experience for our visiting guests is indistinguishable from the daily lifestyles of our permanent residents, helping each person to enjoy life to the fullest through our personalized services, convenient amenities, and a variety of programming activities. Whether you are spending days, weeks, or months in one of our beautiful communities, you can be confident that every need will be met by our attentive staff with engaging activities, security, and nourishing meals all tailored to your preferences. Recover from an illness, recuperate from surgery, or find the perfect setting for a loved one in an atmosphere designed to engage and delight. Learn more about how our communities provide top-tier service in a comfortable and engaging setting.

While all of our communities offer temporary respite care, additional short-term care options may also be available and vary by community. Please contact your community of interest to learn more about the specific short-term care options offered and how we can best assist you and your loved ones

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Connect Through Activities & Programming

We want every day to offer opportunities for enjoyment and connection in our communities. Our short-term residents are welcome to join in any of our daily activities, clubs, or entertainment options. We ensure that our visitors feel welcome through resident ambassadors and daily social opportunities that make it easy to meet new friends and acquaintances. From happy hours and ice cream socials to outings into the broader community, you’ll enjoy each moment of your new senior lifestyle. Our regular programming makes sure no senior feels alone in our communities.

Never Short on Compassion & Care

We know how important personal care is in creating a successful stay in our communities. Our team will work with you to find the right balance of services and assistance that makes each day more enjoyable. Our dedicated staff can help with personal care and hygiene, and if you need more complex care, many of our communities offer therapies and medical attention on-site. Our communities strive to make your stay helpful and positive through assisting you in achieving personal or medical milestones.

Eat Well During Your Visit

By providing delicious daily meals we help you focus on rest, recovery, and relaxation. You will love every bite knowing we take steps to ensure each meal meets your nutritional needs and taste preferences, meaning there will always be a menu option perfect for you. Our chef-prepared meals mean our residents are well fed and well cared for, as well as being nourished by the social aspects of dining. Our mealtimes are the perfect place to meet up with visiting family or spark lively conversations with new, friendly faces. Often the social hub of our communities, we strive to create meaningful dining experiences.

Always Ready to Help

Your experience in our community will be defined by our helpful, attentive staff and on-site services. While each of our communities offers different services and amenities, you will often find delightful extras like accessible transportation, on-site beauty salons, and business centers make each day more simple. Our professional staff is always just a call away and 24-hour emergency systems will help you feel secure and safe during your stay.

Senior Lifestyle Values

At Senior Lifestyle, we help seniors and their families live with ease, while providing our residents a vibrant and healthy lifestyle. As a result of our core values, our residents enjoy special attention to detail and personalized care each day.

Some examples of our specialized offerings include:

  • Nutritious meals to promote wellness
  • Regular wellness checks and medication reminders
  • Transportation to and from doctor’s appointments
  • A dynamic, lively calendar of daily programming
  • Technology to promote virtual socializing
  • Happy hours and holiday parties
  • Outings and events in our local community

Short-term Care Services

Short-term rehabilitative care is offered by several of our communities. We welcome you to contact your community of interest and learn about the personalized care options they offer.

Short-term Care

Short-term care for seniors is available in many different lifestyles, but is most often provided for seniors needing Assisted Living and Memory Care. Families are able to place residents into a safe, caring community for a temporary stay with the assurance that they will be in a welcoming and caring environment. Senior Lifestyle communities take the time to understand visiting resident’s needs, wants, and preferences to provide the same attentive care our permanent residents receive.

Short-term Rehabilitation

Residents may require a short-term stay to recover from an illness or injury. Many communities provide on-site therapies that help make treatments more convenient, providing spaces for occupational, speech, and physical therapy. Attentive staff and a restful environment also support recovery.

Respite Care

Respite care is often most commonly associated with Memory Care or Skilled Nursing, providing loving caregivers and families with a much-needed break from tending to their loved ones. Our Senior Lifestyle communities that offer respite care provide the same personalized, attentive care to visiting residents. Seniors visiting our communities who are living with dementia or Alzheimer’s benefit from secure spaces and adapted programming and care. Their families and caregivers can feel confident while away, knowing their loved one is in compassionate, capable hands.

Adult Day Services

Similar to respite care, adult day services provide opportunities for families and caregivers to take a break with convenient options for smaller windows of time away from their loved ones. Our communities provide Assisted Living and Memory Care at daily or hourly rates, allowing caregivers time to run errands or attend appointments with confidence. Their loved ones benefit from socialization and enjoyable activities while being cared for in a safe, welcoming environment.

Learning About a Community’s Services

How can you find the perfect short-term lifestyle for you or a loved one? Here are a few questions to keep in mind as you research senior living communities near you.

  • How do short-term services and amenities differ for visiting and permanent residents?
  • How does the community work with families and physicians to ensure a successful stay?
  • How does the community welcome new and visiting residents?
  • What type of activities and entertainment options are available?
  • What on-site services would be necessary for my loved one to feel comfortable?

Who is Right For Short-term Care?

Short-term care can be provided to seniors with different care needs, from normally independent seniors set-back by illness or injury to persons living with dementia and Alzheimer’s already receiving around the clock care. The common thread is that they all need compassionate, attentive care for a short time in a welcoming community. Whether they come for a few months or only for the day, short-term residents still benefit from engaging activities for connection, well-appointed amenities, a sense of security and beautiful community spaces.

Snapshot of Short Term Resident

  • Needs short-term stay in a care setting
  • Has another permanent residence
  • Benefits from attentive, personalized care
  • Benefits from a warm atmosphere and engaging programs

If you are a senior or caregiver who thinks short-term care might be the right choice for your needs, find a short-term care community near you.

Download Our Guide to Senior Housing

To better understand the different lifestyle options and which one is right for you or your loved one, check out our guide to senior housing.

The Complete Guide to Senior Housing

How to Find a Short-term Care Community?

Sometimes caregivers and families don’t know where to turn when they need short-term assistance in caring for a loved one. Finding the right community is essential. Families should search for a community that will not only provide safe, competent care but offers visiting residents personalized attention and opportunities for engagement while they stay. As with finding any senior housing, there are questions you should ask while you tour the property.

Short-term Stay Questions

Here are a few more questions to narrow your search for a short-term housing community:

  • What are the minimum and maximum stays in the community?
  • What are the rates for short-term stays?
  • How is care personalized to visiting residents?