What is Affordable Senior Housing?

The Affordable Senior Housing Experience

Seniors living in affordable housing or affordable living communities should expect the feel of a close-knit community, with personable neighbors, programming and events to create opportunities for connection. Convenient amenities help create a comfortable atmosphere where residents can enjoy their apartment homes and carefree lifestyle.

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Welcoming Neighborhood

Our residents and their neighbors build close-knit bonds that feel more like family. We know engagement and connection matters and don’t want anyone to feel alone. While our staff is on-hand always ready to assist, we know that friendships blossom in the halls, fitness centers, and sunny patios, and everyone is willing to offer a helping hand.

Planned Social Activities

Our communities host a wide array of social activities in our spacious community rooms. Our residents spearhead our social opportunities creating events and activities tailored to the people and personalities living in the community. Whenever possible, our staff help residents create moments that engage and excite, building a fulfilling lifestyle.

Pet-Friendly Communities

Our vibrant communities are made brighter by the presence of our four-legged friends. We are proud to be pet-friendly and understand the light, levity, and laughter pets bring into each day for our residents and our communities.

Senior Lifestyle Values

At Senior Lifestyle, we help seniors and their families live with ease, while providing our residents a vibrant and healthy lifestyle. As a result of our core values, our residents enjoy special attention to detail and personalized care each day.

Some examples of our specialized offerings include:=

  • Nutritious meals to promote wellness
  • Regular wellness checks and medication reminders
  • Transportation to and from doctor’s appointments
  • A dynamic, lively calendar of daily programming
  • Technology to promote virtual socializing
  • Happy hours and holiday parties
  • Outings and events in our local community
*Every senior community is different, and affordable communities offer a wide variety of amenities. Not every amenity above will be available in all communities.

Affordable Housing Services

In an affordable senior community, residents can expect many of the same conveniences and amenities that are provided in other senior communities and lifestyles. These communities offer services that help senior residents live more carefree lives and allow their families to live with more confidence knowing they are in a community that caters to their needs.

Housekeeping, Maintenance, and Laundry

While all affordable situations differ, at Senior Lifestyle, our affordable senior communities provide household services that help reduce the time and worry seniors spend on their apartment homes. Many of our communities offer monthly housekeeping, free laundry rooms, and consolidated utilities to make paying bills simpler. On-site maintenance personnel provides timely resolutions to requests in the community and individual apartment homes, creating a comfortable lifestyle.


For many seniors, transportation to and from the grocery store can be challenging. Our affordable senior communities provide transportation to and from the grocery store each week to make sure our seniors are getting the nutrition they need. Families can feel good knowing their loved ones will always have convenient access to the store each week.

Emergency Call Response

Even independent seniors need to consider what would happen in the event of an emergency. Our affordable communities have in-apartment emergency call response system to help our seniors and their families feel secure. Whether it’s a fall or another emergency situation, having someone there ready to respond provides much-needed comfort in our residents’ lives.

Affordable Housing Services

In affordable living communities, seniors can expect basic services and amenities that help them live more laid-back and enjoyable lives. Residents and their families should educate themselves on the offerings of each potential community in order to make the best decision. When visiting or touring a community, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Is there housekeeping? How often does it occur?
  • What if there is an issue with the apartment? How do maintenance problems get resolved?
  • Is transportation available?
  • What happens in an emergency? Is there someone available on-site?

Who is Right for Affordable Senior Housing?

Affordable communities are filled with interesting, vibrant, and independent residents ready to live a more relaxed lifestyle. With a little bit of assistance, they can live in our social communities, plan and attend events, and travel around the broader community with confidence. Our seniors and their families love that our staff is available to help and enjoy our amenities and services such as housekeeping, transportation, and emergency call response.

Residents in our community can live independently without needing daily assistance. Our affordable senior housing provides convenient amenities and services but doesn’t provide personal care plans or medical care. Seniors and their families should discuss what lifestyle options might be right for their family members.

Snapshot of Affordable Senior Housing Resident

  • Lives independently and can complete daily care, cooking, and cleaning
  • Enjoys living in a community with social events and activities
  • Would benefit from an emergency call system
  • Would benefit from weekly transportation assistance for groceries

How to Find an Affordable Senior Housing Community?

If you or your loved ones are searching for an affordable housing community, it is important to understand all the options available to you. While senior living communities differ on amenities, services, and pricing, you should always look for a welcoming, warm, and comfortable atmosphere that feels right for you.

Questions You Should Ask

There are standard questions you should ask while visiting any senior living community, but before touring an affordable living option you can narrow your search by understanding these community specifics:

  • What is the monthly rent?
  • What services and amenities are included in the monthly fee?
  • What kind of safety and security options do they provide?
  • Are there planned activities for residents?