Transportation Careers at Senior Lifestyle

Transportation team members at Senior Lifestyle play a crucial role in facilitating mobility and connectivity for seniors, encouraging residents to participate in social activities, access essential services, and maintain their overall well-being. Explore roles that come together to make a positive impact at Senior Lifestyle.


Key Roles

Full-time drivers

Part-time drivers

Transportation maintenance

Career Perks

Competitive Compensation

Competitive pay is important for team members. At Senior Lifestyle, we take into account the responsibilities of driving and assisting our precious senior residents.​

Safety Training

Senior Lifestyle is committed to the safety of our team and residents. We offer opportunities for ongoing training and certifications related to passenger transportation.​

Supportive Work Environment

A positive work environment is important for you. At Senior Lifestyle, we value safety, teamwork, and recognition for your contributions.​

Stability & Job Security

Job stability and reliability are crucial factors for transportation team members. Senior Lifestyle recognizes that you need to feel secure in your position.​

Work-Life Balance

Achieving a balance between work and personal life is important for maintaining job satisfaction. At Senior Lifestyle, we understand the responsibilities you will have at work, and want to make sure you have a vital home life as well.

What You'll Be Doing

Transportation Coordination

Plan and coordinate mobility services for residents, including scheduled outings, medical appointments, and shopping trips. Maintain a travel schedule/calendar and communicate the details to residents and team members. Coordinate with residents to schedule individual transportation requests and ensure timely pickups and drop-offs.

Safe Driving and Passenger Assistance

Safely operate community vehicles, such as buses or vans, adhering to traffic laws and regulations. Provide assistance to residents with mobility aids, such as walkers or wheelchairs, ensuring they board and disembark safely. Ensure vehicles are properly maintained, inspected regularly, cleaned, and refueled.

Customer Service and Resident Support

Provide excellent customer service to residents during transportation, addressing any concerns or special needs. Assist residents with loading and unloading belongings, groceries, or other items during trips. Maintain a friendly and professional demeanor, creating a positive and comfortable experience for residents.

Documentation and Reporting

Maintain accurate records of services, including trip logs, mileage, and passenger information. Report any incidents, accidents, or vehicle maintenance issues to appropriate supervisors or managers. Provide regular reports on transportation activities and usage to support decision-making and resource allocation

Transportation Careers Near You

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