What is Skilled Nursing?

The Skilled Nursing Experience

A stay in a skilled nursing community should feel like a warm welcome from compassionate staff and caregivers. Today’s skilled nursing communities place enjoyment as a priority and provide opportunities for residents to engage and connect.

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Personal Care

Above and beyond the clinical care residents receive, professional staff provides attentive personal care to residents. Compassionate staff accommodates residents’ needs through dressing, hygiene, and bathing assistance to help residents look and feel their best.

Enrichment Programs

Our communities provide opportunities for their residents to enjoy and connect each day. From planned daily activities like brain fitness games and movie nights to holiday celebrations and family visits, skilled nursing communities help their residents live meaningful lives with dignity. Our residents spend time with staff and each other, forming deep connections that enrich their lives.

Premier Dining Services

Our dining services teams work with residents and their families as well as a team of dietitians, physicians, and culinary professionals to craft dining experiences that go beyond expectations. It’s no question that our residents eat well with a balance of taste and nutrition. Using fresh ingredients, our dining staff creates menus and meals that help nourish residents while still placing a priority on enjoyment and taste.

Housekeeping and Transportation

Residents and their families can focus on their well-being or recuperation without worrying about household chores like cleaning or laundry. Our professional staff provides daily tidying-up as well as linen service. Attending physician appointments is simple with community transportation. Our residents feel secure with help from our staff.

Senior Lifestyle Values

At Senior Lifestyle, we help seniors and their families live with ease, while providing our residents a vibrant and healthy lifestyle. As a result of our core values, our residents enjoy special attention to detail and personalized care each day.

Some examples of our specialized offerings include:

  • Nutritious meals to promote wellness
  • Regular wellness checks and medication reminders
  • Transportation to and from doctor’s appointments
  • A dynamic, lively calendar of daily programming
  • Technology to promote virtual socializing
  • Happy hours and holiday parties
  • Outings and events in our local community
*Every Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation community should tailor their environment to their individual residents. Not every community will provide the options listed above.

Skilled Nursing Services

Skilled Nursing communities provide professional, continuous care to seniors needing medical, personal, and nutritional assistance, on a short or long-term basis. Families will coordinate with the community, their loved ones’ physicians, and an expert team of professional and clinical specialists to create an individualized plan that provides the best care possible.

Medical and Acute Senior Care

Skilled Nursing communities are equipped to provide residents with 24-hour nursing needs ranging from post-operative recuperation and complex medical care demands to care for individuals with chronic health issues who can no longer live independently.

At Senior Lifestyle, all of our skilled nursing communities are licensed by their respective states to meet standards of safety, staffing, and care procedures. Our residents are not only under the care of our team of professional nursing staff but are also closely monitored under the supervision of partner physicians who visit regularly and are responsible for the residents’ overall care plans. Our Skilled Nursing and rehabilitation communities tailor a personalized care plan that may include the necessary medications, therapeutic and rehabilitative procedures, special diets, treatments, and any additional services needed to improve their quality of life.


Many seniors in Skilled Nursing communities are there for comprehensive rehabilitation after an injury or surgery and are attended to by a team of therapists to assist in their recovery. An individualized treatment plan is developed to return residents to their daily routine as quickly and smoothly as possible.

Our communities offer your loved ones a rehabilitative therapy plan that promotes wellness, and a team that is with you every step of your recovery process. Whether you are searching for short-term or long-term care communities, our skilled staff goes beyond the clinical necessities to provide compassionate care that provides a restful atmosphere for recovery. Residents receive the care they need while enjoying the comforts of home.

Comprehensive Care

Skilled Nursing communities offer a wide array of services to provide competent Medical Care. Skilled care communities often provide the following services:

  • Orthopedic Post-surgical
  • Rehabilitation
  • Post-Surgical
  • Rehabilitation
  • Cardiopulmonary Therapy
  • Skin Integrity
  • Wound Care
  • Positioning
  • Cognitive Management
  • Dietician Services
  • Dining Assistance
  • Physical Conditioning
  • Activities of Daily Living Retraining
  • Community Reintegration
  • Pain Management
  • Dialysis Transportation
  • Laboratory, X-Ray and Diagnostic Services
  • Podiatry Services
  • Dentistry Services
  • Optometry Services
  • General Care Physician Services
  • Psychiatric/Psychological Services
  • On-Site Medical Director

Skilled Nursing Services

Our Skilled Nursing communities provide licensed, medically competent care served in a compassionate atmosphere. Look for these qualities in a Skilled Nursing community:

  • Physician partnerships, licensed nursing staff, and state licensure of the community
  • Individualized meal and nutrition plans with dietician or physician oversight
  • On-site rehabilitation services
*Skilled Nursing communities and the services they can provide vary by city and state, please note that all the above services may not be available in all community.

Who is Right For Skilled Nursing?

Skilled Nursing and rehabilitation communities provide the needed medical care, personal care, and nutrition assistance to seniors in a professional setting with round-the-clock staff. Whether residents are recovering from an illness, rehabilitating from orthopedic surgery, or require continuous, expert care, they can find a warm, welcoming home at a Skilled Nursing community. Residents in Skilled Nursing often require personal and nutritional care that goes above and beyond what can be provided in an Assisted Living or Memory Care community.

A Snapshot of a Skilled Nursing Resident

  • Recovering from surgery or illness
  • Living with a complex, chronic condition
  • Needs comprehensive therapy such as physical, speech, or occupational
  • Nutritional needs require physician oversight

Finding the right community is a necessary process and requires coordination from many stakeholders. Families and their loved ones should consult with their personal physician and work closely with potential communities to ensure the new resident’s needs will be met. Families should remain aware of their loved one’s social and emotional well-being, as well as their loved one’s physical health when choosing a community.

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How to Find a Skilled Nursing Community?

Deciding on a community for your loved ones to call home or simply stay short term during rehabilitation is an important process. There are plenty of factors to consider along the way, and it’s essential that families have access to multiple resources to understand all of the options available to them.

Skilled Nursing Questions

When visiting or touring a skilled nursing community, there are important questions you need to ask. Here are a few critical points to consider:

  • Does this community have an on-site or physician partner?
  • Is the nursing staff licensed? What level of direct care do they provide?
  • What rehabilitation therapies are offered on-site?
  • What kind of programming or activities do they offer?