What is Independent Living?

The Independent Living Experience

Our Independent Living communities will keep you connected and inspired to live your life the way you want to live it. Modern senior communities are bright, spacious, and full of active seniors enjoying each day to the fullest.

While each Independent Living community is different, they are most commonly set up as apartment homes that have access to central resources such as professional staff, dining services, and well-appointed amenities. Residents will find a variety of communities, all with slightly different offerings to take into consideration. From comfortable, home-like spaces with familial surroundings to resort-style living with all the luxuries, Senior Lifestyle has a community to fit everyone’s preferences.

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It’s All Fun and Games – Really

Your retirement and golden years should be focused on enjoyment. In today's Independent Living communities, programming is centered around residents’ need for connection, joy and wellness. Communities integrate fun into every day through onsite recreational spaces and planned daily activities. From putting greens and pool tables to card games, baking lessons, and crafts, there are plenty of opportunities to put a little play in your day.

Lifelong Learning and Adventure

In an Independent Living lifestyle, you can discover new passions and take on new adventures. Many of our communities offer a variety of educational, art, and exercise classes for your continued growth and enjoyment. From museums, theaters, and local eateries to national and international travel opportunities, there are plenty of group excursions to engage your adventurous spirit. Even if you go-it-alone in your explorations, the freedom an Independent Living community provides can enable you to feel comfortable taking extended trips or spending more time out and about.

Movement and Exercise

We all know that staying active can keep us healthy and enjoying the hobbies we love. Our senior living communities are full of engaging fitness opportunities that help you look forward to exercising and keep you on-the-go. From group classes like Zumba, yoga, or weight lifting to on-site fitness centers that let you work out on your own — you will find a community with the right combination of fitness offerings to fit your personal style.

Keeping It Social

Independent Living communities offer residents a unique opportunity to meet and grow new friendships in a natural environment. Through our diverse programming opportunities, finding people with like interests becomes easy. Apart from structured learning or outings, Independent Living communities encourage socializing through fun get-togethers like happy hours, concerts, and movie nights.

Bring Your Best Friend

Senior living communities of today understand how important pets are to a fulfilling lifestyle. Many of our communities are pet-friendly, and we value the joy and companionship that pets bring into the lives of all our residents. Some communities even have dedicated pet spaces, socializing opportunities, and programming to help furry friends feel just as at home in the community as their owner.

Finding the Perfect Fit for You

Different communities cater to a wide variety of personalities, activity levels, and interests. When touring a community, here are a few questions to consider:

  • What hobbies, activities, and social experiences would you like to enjoy or discover?
  • How would you like to incorporate fitness into your lifestyle?
  • Does the community offer enough social opportunities for your personality?
  • Do you have or want a pet? Will it be welcome in your new home?
*Remember every senior community is unique; not every community will provide the specific amenities listed above.

Independent Living Services

Independent living communities provide services that make daily living simpler for retirees. From housekeeping and household maintenance to transportation, here are a few services available.

Housekeeping and Maintenance

You can opt-out of the to-do list and into a more convenient lifestyle. From daily tidying-up and weekly housekeeping to maintenance-free manicured outdoor spaces for residents to enjoy, Independent Living can provide a well-maintained home and lifestyle without all the work.

Restaurant-Style Dining

Residents enjoy restaurant-style dining without the hassle of cooking. Communities create menus and dishes tailored to residents’ tastes, and each meal is prepared with fresh, delicious ingredients for the best dining experience possible.


Many communities also offer transportation for important appointments and outings. On-site transportation services can relieve stress for seniors who prefer not to drive or do not have their own transportation.

Emergency Assistance

No matter how independent a person is, accidents can happen. Independent Living communities have emergency systems in place to help residents if they should ever need immediate assistance. It is a reassuring feeling knowing that there is always someone ready to help.

Learning About a Community’s Services

Every Independent Living community is different and understanding the services each one provides is an important step in choosing the right community. Here are a few questions to keep in mind when learning about communities near you.

  • Is housekeeping included in my monthly fee? How often and how detailed are the visits?
  • What are my meals options? Can you address dietary restrictions?
  • How simple is it to schedule transportation?
  • If I have a problem in my apartment home, who can I call? Is there on-site maintenance staff?
*Remember every senior community has its own selection of services, not every community will provide the specific service options listed above.

Who is Right For Independent Living?

Independent Living residents are seniors that are looking for a carefree living situation to make their daily lives less hectic and more enjoyable. While they are still self-sufficient and active, they don’t mind a little assistance with daily chores and more taxing maintenance tasks.

A Snapshot of an Independent Living Resident

  • Ideal for those who can still live independently but enjoy access to assistance if needed
  • Interested in a healthy, active lifestyle
  • Ready to live worry-free from home maintenance and chores
  • Wants to learn, explore, discover, and relax

Some Independent Living residents thrive on the social environment they find in their communities, while others are simply searching for a little more rest and relaxation. Our Independent Living communities are full of interesting, diverse, and vibrant seniors ready for the next chapter in their lives.

Download Our Guide to Senior Housing

To better understand the different lifestyle options and which one is right for you or your loved one, check out our guide to senior housing.

The Complete Guide to Senior Housing

How to Find an Independent Living Community

You may be wondering, “How do I find the right Independent Living community near me?” While choosing the right community and lifestyle is an important and detailed process, finding potential communities near you is a great way to start. Seniors have access to many online and local resources such as online directories, Area Agencies on Aging, and local senior centers. For those interested in our Senior Lifestyle communities, you can find a list of our location and information about them on our community map.

Questions to Ask

There are many questions you should ask while touring potential communities, but it’s also important to vet your options before you visit. Here are a few helpful questions to help narrow your list of communities before you stop by:

  • What senior lifestyles or levels of care does this community offer?
  • Is this community close to the places and people I love?
  • Is the community located in a desirable area?
  • Would I fit in to the lifestyle and culture?