Dining Careers at Senior Lifestyle

Senior Lifestyle provides healthy and delicious meals for our residents, along with a warm and inviting dining atmosphere. Dining team members make this happen, playing a crucial role in ensuring the well-being and satisfaction of the residents. Become a member of this vital team through such diverse roles including leadership, cooks, chefs, servers and much more.


Key Roles

Chefs & Cooks

Director of Dining Services

Servers, Hosts, and Bussers

Career Perks

Competitive Compensation

At Senior Lifestyle, you’ll have stable and competitive flexible wages. Our wait team is not dependent on tips, so you’ll always be able to rely on your pay.

Meals & Discounts

As a Senior Lifestyle team member, you’ll have access to meals or discounts at community restaurants, an attractive perk for your hard work.​

Training & Skill Development

Careers in dining at Senior Living will give you opportunities for culinary training, skill enhancement, and dining leadership.

Advancement Opportunities

Dining team members will have opportunities for advancement at Senior Lifestyle. After gaining experience, team members will acquire new skills for continuing a career in dining and hospitality.​

What You'll Be Doing

Preparation and Service of Meals

Plan and prepare nutritious and well-balanced meals that meet the dietary needs and preferences of Senior Lifestyle’s residents. Ensure that meals are served at the scheduled times and in a visually appealing manner. Accommodate special dietary requirements, such as low-sodium, diabetic-friendly, or pureed diets, as needed.

Service and Interaction with Residents

Provide excellent customer service by being attentive, courteous, and responsive to Senior Lifestyle residents’ needs and requests. Interact with residents during dining times, creating a positive and social dining experience. Address any concerns or special requests promptly and with a compassionate approach.

Maintenance of Clean and Safe Dining Environments

Ensure that dining areas are clean, well-organized, and meet state hygiene standards. Set up and break down dining areas for meals, including arranging tables and chairs. Monitor and adhere to food safety regulations to prevent foodborne illnesses and maintain a safe dining environment.

Collaboration with Other Departments

Coordinate with the kitchen team, chefs, and dietary specialists to plan menus that cater to the nutritional needs of senior residents. Communicate effectively with other departments, such as activities and health services, to ensure seamless coordination in providing services to residents. Participate in regular meetings and training sessions to stay informed about any changes in resident needs or community policies.

Dining Careers Near You

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