Staff and Leadership

Executive Leadership

Our Executive Team guides our company by setting a commitment to developing positive places to live and work. We are always mindful of how our administrative decisions affect the lives of others. Our leadership team is dedicated to building a company that continues to elevate the lifestyles for our seniors. We welcome you to meet our team whose passion and dedication drives them to enhance the quality of life for all seniors.

Bill Kaplan

Co-Founder and Chairman

Jon DeLuca

President and Chief Executive Officer

Jerrold H. Frumm

Vice Chairman and Chief Investment Officer

Justin Robins

Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer

Steve Hippel

Chief Financial Officer

Stephen Levy

Executive Vice President and General Counsel

Paula Adams

Chief Clinical Officer

Senior Leadership

Our Senior Leadership team provides specialized support and guidance to our communities, using their diverse experience to help all staff and residents realize their full potential. Because of our team's passion for improving the lives of others, our communities can offer outcome-driven care. We support communities in creating senior lifestyles that go beyond expectations and help residents redefine their lifestyles through our innovative programming, convenient amenities, and compassionate care.

Karin Bateman

Senior Vice President of Operations, Development Division

Beth Behr

Vice President of Operations

Lisa Reed

Vice President of Operations

Amaka Aneifuna

Vice President of Operations

Bobbi Reid

Vice President of Operations

Regina Umanskiy

Vice President of Operations & Integrated Solutions

Tony Aloise

Vice President of Dining Services

Abe Contreras

Vice President of Information Technology

Nancy Cutter

Vice President of Development

Cherie Dupor

Senior Vice President of Communications

Bob Gawronski

Vice President of Development

Jodi Hill

Vice President of Business Strategy

Heather Keena

Vice President Employee Development and Engagement

Alison Kippen

Vice President of Human Resources

Jennifer Kleckner

Vice President of Asset Management

David LaPlaca

Vice President of Capital and Plant Operations

Patrick Lee

Vice President of Acquisitions

Angel Morrison

Vice President of Clinical Services

Cathleen O’Brien

Vice President of Resident Experience

Brittany Pape

Vice President of Compliance

Dennis Shaughnessy

Vice President of Risk Management Services

Janine Witte

Vice President of Sales and Marketing

Corporate Inquiries
We would love to answer any questions you have about our leadership team or the vibrant lifestyles they create through their experience and innovation. Reach out to us today!
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