Senior Activities

Follow your Passions. All of Them!

Our Senior Living communities thrive from the diversity and creativity of our residents. We offer senior activities and life enrichment programs so that our residents can explore their interests and expand their horizons. Residents grow, connect, move and create at their own pace through dynamic activity involvement. We encourage resident suggestions and contributions to keep our senior activities fresh and innovative. Browse some of our featured programs below to learn more about ways our community members follow their passions, and contact a Senior Lifestyle community near you to hear more about the specific program offerings.


Brain Health University

ALFA 2012 Best of the Best Winner

If you’re ready to stretch and strengthen your mind while having fun with your friends and neighbors, our award-winning Brain Health University program is for you. Featuring 30 unique courses designed to exercise your brain, BHU is often fully enrolled and always a fantastic way to meet new friends in your community. BHU fosters personal growth as residents take courses that intrigue and excite them. It is also a great place to learn the latest trends! For example, our popular “Slang 101” class teaches the latest online lingo–practical knowledge that is fun to learn while enhancing memory function. Once residents complete 18 classes, they are granted a certificate of graduation from BHU and rewarded with a celebratory event.

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Get your hands dirty–and take in some fresh air while you’re at it! Gardening is a therapeutic hobby, and it provides our community members with an opportunity for relaxation and self-reflection. Fresh air brings happiness as residents learn new botanical tricks, stay active, and find inner peace while face-to-face with nature.


Senior Sidekicks

Senior Sidekicks is an intergenerational program designed exclusively for our residents and local students. Through Senior Sidekicks, local students visit the community and join our residents for entertaining senior activities. The program offers amusing activities for seniors and students alike. Senior Lifestyle communities brim with energy as students from local schools chat and engage with residents. These events are always highly anticipated by residents and students alike.

Happy Hour

Life Enrichment ProgramsAre you looking for a splash of happy hour? We thought so! Wind down after a day of fun with other residents from the community. We mix the drinks, and you mingle with your neighbors. It’s that simple—and really fun!


We understand the value of relationships with friends and family. That is why we offer technology services to help you keep in touch! Connect with your friends and family over the Internet. The program staff at Senior Lifestyle is happy to get you started and answer any questions. With today’s social technology, you’ll be sending your daughter an email, posting photos to Facebook and more in no time!

Start or Join a Club

From billiards to books to bridge, we want you to do what makes you happy. In our communities, residents join to explore their interests and make friends. Join a club and continue your favorite pastime or find a new one altogether! If there isn’t already a club formed, your Programming Director can help you turn your vision into reality!


Wii Sports

We Life Enrichment Programsoffer video game activities for seniors! Video games are not just for kids anymore, and our residents are absolutely hooked on Wii Bowling. Start a casual game or compete in a bowling competition against your neighbors or even a sister Senior Lifestyle community.


Get strong and healthy through fitness classes! Exercise is a great way to maintain your physical health while also relieving stress. We believe exercise should be enjoyable, so we offer our residents a variety of fun classes to join. Take part in a wide array of senior activities, such as Strength Training, Tai Chi, Swimming, Water Aerobics, Chair Dancing, and more.


Are you someone who likes to hit the town? Each day is a new adventure for residents of our communities! We coordinate trips to museums, theaters, restaurants, lectures, casinos and more. Have an idea for a trip? Get out and see what’s happening. The possibilities are endless!


LifeOps_SnrActivities_TransportationDo you have a favorite local market, shop, or store? We can get you there. Is there a new movie or play that you’d like to see in town? Allow us to drive you! Accessible transportation is a top priority for seniors, and we will arrange getting you to the places you need to go.


Visual Arts

LifeOps_SnrActivities_VisualArtsGet artsy! Whether you are an artistic novice or a regular Picasso, join your neighbors for artistic exploration. Channel your creative and emotional energy into any artistic medium you like. Try new painting styles, draw sketches, or experiment through the use of cutouts!


Food is at the heart of our community. Share meals and conversations with your neighbors as you bond over your favorite meals. Residents love getting together with friends and neighbors to swap family recipes and share their culinary creativity! If you really want to test your mettle in the kitchen, you can compete in one of our popular “Iron Chef” cooking competitions. Or, if you’re just looking to learn some new tricks, attend a hosted cooking demonstration!


Music is good for the soul, Life Enrichment Programsand we offer musical activities for seniors to participate in year-round. Many residents form choirs and perform for their fellow residents as well as for audiences in their local communities. Sing for others or sit back and enjoy the show!


Are you a Shakespeare fiend or modern theatre enthusiast? Whatever type of shows suits your theatrical fancy, get in on the action! Acting troupes often get together within Senior Lifestyle communities to perform both live and on film. Express yourself creatively and enjoy rehearsing with fellow community members.

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