Sales & Marketing in Senior Living

Sales and marketing in the senior housing market is a fulfilling career for many reasons, not the least of which is forging a relationship with seniors and their families. The manner of transition to senior living varies widely amongst individuals. Some families approach the move to senior living in a positive manner, looking forward to the retirement lifestyle, while others are in crisis mode and feel that their options are limited due to the circumstances surrounding their loved ones’ move. Senior Lifestyle’s goal is to provide the best possible outcome for both of those families, and that means listening more than we speak and hearing with the goal of understanding, not simply to formulate a response, but to form a true partnership for families in transition, whatever their circumstances. The key to this positive outcome is a skilled salesforce.

It’s often said that good salespeople provide the customer with what they need as well as what they want; they speak less and listen more. Janine Witte, Senior Lifestyle’s National Director of Sales, says successful relationship-building is a skill she looks for in those who join the salesforce at any Senior Lifestyle community. Additionally, she notes that those who recognize the key differentiators in their communities and are skilled in conveying how those key features are beneficial to seniors and their families find success in the senior housing industry. While the steps to securing a sale are universal, each family is unique and deserves to be treated as such.

Willingness to try new approaches to sales, marketing and lead-generating events is crucial to success in senior housing sales, especially in a growing industry where many of the consumers don’t want the product they (or their families) know they need. A solid foundation plan to become a visible presence in the larger community, perform activities such as daily calls and visits to referral sources, and a commitment to follow-up is crucial to success. The ability to create and follow a marketing plan, create opportunities to market the community, and most importantly, ask for the sale sets the Senior Lifestyle salesforce apart in every market. Additionally, individuals with backgrounds in real estate, insurance, or other fields where relationship-building is crucial to success often find the transition to senior housing sales to be a fulfilling and seamless career change.

Each Senior Lifestyle community has a highly trained, skilled sales and marketing team with the expertise to help guide families through their unique journey to senior living. To learn more about the exciting career opportunities in sales and marketing at Senior Lifestyle, please visit our website at

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