April Poems: “Grandchildren” by Keenie Belford

In celebration of National Poetry Month, poets in Senior Lifestyle communities across the country are sharing their inspiring words.

Today’s poem is written by Keenie Belford from Seasons Retirement Community in Cincinnati, Ohio.


I hope to leave a legacy
Of love and truth and caring
Who has your hopes and dreams at heart
Someone who’s good at sharing

You make my life much richer
Even when you’re out of sight
To hear what makes you happy
Also makes my days so bright

And when you’re sad I too am sad
I want to make things right

Until you are grandparents
You’ll never, ever know
How grandkids enrich our lives
And set our hearts aglow
We could not love you more than this
But this of course you know.

–Keenie Belford

Photo by Russell Lee via Flickr.

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