April Poems: A Poem by June Rusho

In celebration of National Poetry Month, poets in Senior Lifestyle communities across the country are sharing their inspiring words.

Today’s poem is written by June Rusho from Castle Pointe at Baywinde in Webster, New York.

When each of my days
Come to an end
I think of the message to
God I will send;
Many blessings have come
My way;
So God I do thank you
As I pray;
My parents gave me a
Wonderful start;
For them I am grateful
With all of my heart;
My family and friends have
Made my life complete,
Thinking of them, my heart
Skips a beat;
As my golden years are
Coming to a close,
I thank God for my life in
Both poetry and prose.

–June Rusho

 Photo by Mattias, via Flickr.

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