April Poems: “It’s Wednesday – 1983” by Jane Bailey

In celebration of National Poetry Month, poets in Senior Lifestyle communities across the country are sharing their inspiring words.

Today’s poem is written by Jane Bailey from Seasons Retirement Community in Cincinnati, Ohio.

It’s Wednesday – 1983

By choice not an early riser, still all settled in –
“Rise and shine Gran, it’s Wednesday” my husband’s voice smiling
He, as eager as I to enjoy our special day
Nine hours, all ours, with our 6 month old “grand” grandchild, Ellen
Her attorney mom, back to work; we, now stateside, retired –
Sitters needing a day off, a great bonus for us
“Don’t spoil her,” her parents cautioning at the door
We solemnly nodding, then impishly doing just that
Completely at Ellen’s beck and call, watching with pride,
She, grabbing life by her little fistfuls, so eager to learn
Standing, walking, running, taking no time to crawl
Her big blue eyes sparkling, we watching entranced
A little blonde bombshell, so much energy to expend,
Strolling the park, feeding geese, learning colors from flowers
Patting each bloom as she pronounced, “wed”, “yeddow” and “gween”
In December “ites” in those blue eyes outshining the rest
The wonders of Christmas, wonders for us once more
What a good reason to frequent Toys R Us so I did!
Alas, not forever, would our best-of-all jobs last.
Our fifteen-month-old treasure off to Montessori downtown
“Now you can sleep in on Wednesdays” my dear partner trying
To console me, not hiding his regret, deep as mine.

Was our mid-week grief long lasting? Thankfully ‘no’
Our doctor daughter calling “Mom, Dad, guess what?
We’ve found a great sitter, for when our baby comes
But she can’t come Wednesdays, so we wondered if –?”
Interrupting “How soon do you think you’ll need us?”
Knowing we’d cancel any plans, or change priorities
My guy hugging me “We’ve got our job back again!”
My response “Sleeping late on Wednesday – overrated!”
“Rise and shine Gran! It’s Wednesday” the best wake-up call ever!!
Our second grand-daughter, Lisa, was one month old
This time, soft warm brown eyes mesmerizing us
Her parents, aware of how we didn’t spoil Ellen,
Offered no advice except. “Have fun!” laughingly –
“no point in fretting over what we can’t control!”
How to describe our joy? Pure enchantment, at least
Wednesdays flew by – watching her become a charmer like her mom
Those brown eyes absorbing thoughtfully all in her realm
Determinedly, crawling cautiously, walking soon too
Asking to be a “poiple bunny wabbit” for Halloween
(Of course Gran made it for her – why ever not?)
Delighted she was, but ‘trick-or-treating’ wasn’t her thing
‘Twas more fun to say, “You welcome” as she gave out treats
A special memory of mine, leaving a ball park one night
Walking with Lisa, pointing “Oh, look at the harvest moon!”
She looking silently for a bit, then “Gran –
Did you ever see a honeymoon?” “I never did, Lisa”
After some time, her response with a sigh “I not too!”
One of the many special times – how I adored her!

2014 Update
All these special Wednesdays, gone, these thirty years gone
But still so completely a part of my happy memories
Grown-up girls now – Ellen a surgeon as energetic as ever
Lisa, a Yale MBA grad, a rising exec and new wife
Not a Wednesday passes that I don’t warmly recall
Those special years our children let us share
In their blessings, when we had the energy to do so!
Now, I greet each Wednesday with a smile and go back to sleep!

–Jane Bailey


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