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This tool allows you to compare costs and plan for you or your loved one’s retirement. Simply choose your preferred community and fill in your current estimate of costs. Not sure which community is right for you? Our community map will help you filter by care options available and location! We encourage you to reach out to your preferred community and speak with our team about financial planning, senior lifestyle options, and more.

Monthly Expenses Your Current Home Senior Lifestyle
Monthly Mortgage/Rent
? Monthly housing, rent etc.
? Electricity, water/sewer, natural gas, garbage, etc.
? Land line, Data plan, satellite TV, cable bill, streaming subscriptions, etc.
Property Tax/Homeowner’s Insurance/HOA Fee Included
Property Maintenance
? Routine maintenance, landscaping, seasonal maintenance, etc.
Vehicle/Transportation Costs
? Car payment, car insurance, gas, bus fare, cab fare, etc.
? Dining in, dining out, food delivery, etc.
? Cost of medications, health insurance, prescription drugs, gym membership, etc.

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One of the most impactful considerations for a senior’s quality of life is healthcare costs. Read our eBook, “The Complete Guide to Managing Elderly Healthcare Costs” for the financial insights you need to help you make an informed decision.

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