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The Complete Guide to Senior Finances

Older adults often find themselves grappling with unexpected financial situations. Seniors need to plan ahead to pay for health care expenses, insurance payments and – in many cases – life in a senior living community. This ebook will walk you through financial planning for seniors.

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“ The Complete Guide to Senior Finances”

In this free eBook, “The Complete Guide to Senior Finances,” you’ll find out about financial planning for seniors, including what you need to know about:


  • Health Care 
  • Insurance 
  • Taxes and Tax Planning 
  • Retirement Planning 
  • Social Security 
  • Senior Living

This guide full of financial advice for seniors will help them, their caregivers and their family members take a second look at finances and how to pay the expenses that pop up as you age. We’ll tell you about costs, coverages, Medicare, Medicaid, and how to pay for it all.


If you decide you’re more comfortable with living in a senior community, Senior Lifestyle is here to help you learn more about that option, too. At Senior Lifestyle, we’re dedicated to providing our residents with housing that exceeds their expectations.


Take the first step to financial wellness by downloading our free eBook, “The Complete Guide to Senior Finances.”