Short-Term Senior Living in Titusville at Addington Place of Titusville

Addington Place of Titusville offers short-term care to local Titusville seniors. Whether you’re a prospective resident wanting to check out our community before moving in or a caregiver who needs some extra assistance, we’re here to help and offer our community to you.

Activities and Programs

Our programming calendars are catered to residents’ passions and abilities. Our guest residents are welcomed with open arms to join our community events. Benefits include:

  • Enjoy access to daily programming designed to align with individual needs and lifestyle options.
  • Our community is a treasure trove of amenities and open spaces, providing residents with the canvas to create the lives they desire.
  • Connect with like-minded individuals, forging new friendships, and uncovering hidden passions that add vibrancy to your daily experiences. 
  • Pet friendly – we love when pets visit.
  • Attentive team members responsive to individual needs and concerns

Dining Experience

Dining is a pillar of our community experience! Our dining room is the perfect place to meet new friends and engage with fellow residents throughout the day. Our short-term residents can expect:

  • Enjoy restaurant-style dining
  • Take part in social dining events and entertainment
  • Three delicious, healthy and fresh home-cooked meals served daily
  • Dining plans available for varying dietary needs and preferences
  • Main dining room to enjoy meals with friends and family 
  • Private dining room also available

Health and Wellness

Our short-term care services are designed to let residents live independently, with some added assistance should they need it. Residents can expect some or all of our health & wellness services below during their stay:

  • Certified Memory Care Directors and Coordinators through the National Certified Counsel of Dementia Practitioners
  • Individualized care plans
  • Emergency assistance always ready to help
  • Dedicated and ongoing supervision for Memory Care residents
  • Emergency services are always on hand to help
  • Rest assured with safe and secure amenity areas, ongoing health screenings, medication management, and dedicated team members on-site
  • Ever-present assistance with activities of daily living (ADL)
  • Socialization opportunities with friends and family
  • Self-care days
  • Organized outings to destinations like familiar grocery stores and parks
  • Sensory development programs
  • Programs to engage the mind with trivia, music, cognitive exercises and brain games, as well as with thought-provoking discussions


We take care of the necessities of daily living so that you can enjoy your time in our community. Our short-term residents can expect the same service offerings as our residents of their chosen lifestyle service. This may include some or all of the below:

  • Personal Care services from a friendly team of professionals, including our nursing staff
  • On-site maintenance to promptly address any requests
  • Full-service beauty salon
  • Concierge services available not only for residents but also for their friends and family
  • On-site maintenance to quickly address concerns and repairs 
  • Transportation services

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