Memory Care in Wenatchee at Blossom Creek

Blossom Creek offers award-winning Memory Care in Wenatchee, WA. Learn how our certified care team members ensures our Memory Care residents feel welcome and safe through our dining, programming, and daily services below.

Activities and Programs

Our small-group programming is designed to address the unique needs that arise from memory loss and impairment. Here’s how we spark both imagination and closeness:

  • Award-winning embrace Memory Care programming. Our research-based and award winning programming is composed of five pillars: Snapshots, Thymeless, Spark, Bookmarks, and Essence. Learn about each pillar by speaking to our team and viewing our programming calendar below.
  • A variety of enrichment activities including craft projects, cooking, board games, and more
  • Daily walks and light movement classes
  • Watch parties for all-time favorite movies and television shows
  • Excursions to local attractions including restaurants, stores, and nature areas
  • Weekly church services providing spiritual nourishment, community connection, and a sense of routine and comfort
  • Bookmarks program to help residents build adapted reading and conversation skills
  • Singing and music therapy to improve recall and support well-being
Memory Care Calendar

Dining Experience

Our caregiving team members provides a person-centered approach to dining. Our team is here to ensure Memory Care residents get food they enjoy in a comforting and familiar environment. Our key dining offerings include:

  • 3 chef-prepared meals per day
  • Hydration stations with infused water
  • Focus on routine, familiarity, and comfort 
  • Seasonal menus filled with resident favorites 
  • Tasty, nutritious dishes tailored to residents’ preferred tastes
  • Healthy snacks available throughout the day
  • Private dining area and catering services available for family celebrations

Health and Wellness

Our community team members is specially trained to assist those with dementia and other memory challenges. Our health & wellness services are carried out by our passionate team members and are provided with safety and residents’ well-being in mind. Our offerings include:

  • Certified Memory Care Directors and Coordinators through the National Certified Counsel of Dementia Practitioners
  • Individualized care plans
  • Help with activities of daily living (ADL)
  • Nursing team members available 24/7 for convenient around-the-clock care
  • Secure amenity areas where residents can safely relax, engage in activities, and socialize
  • Regular health screenings provide early detection, preventative care, and overall health management
  • Medication management ensures accurate dosing, timely intake, and monitoring for residents’ optimal health
  • Family support meetings foster communication, provide emotional assistance, and ensure coordinated care
  • Updated HVAC system with ionization technology for clean, purified air


We take care of the necessities of daily living so your loved ones can focus on enrichment. We are designed with comfort in mind, striving to ensure that our residents feel comfortable and happy. Key services include:

  • Daily tidying up promotes health, safety, and well-being in a serene living environment
  • Laundry services for effortless clothing care
  • Housekeeping services to keep residences comfortable and clean
  • Linen service provides residents with fresh, clean beddings and towels
  • Round-the-clock supervision ensures safety, immediate support, and peace of mind
  • Convenient concierge services available for residents and their visitors
  • On-site maintenance to ensure prompt, hassle-free repairs
  • Shuttle service to medical visits and neighborhood destinations
  • A beauty salon and barber shop for convenient, confidence-boosting grooming
  • An on-site spa providing relaxation, rejuvenation, and therapeutic benefits 
  • Our emergency call system, ensuring rapid response for residents’ safety and peace of mind

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