Short-Term Senior Living in Wenatchee at Blossom Creek

Blossom Creek offers short-term care to local Wenatchee seniors. Whether you’re a prospective resident wanting to check out our community before moving in or a caregiver who needs some extra assistance, we’re here to help and offer our community to you.

Activities and Programs

Our programming calendars are catered to residents’ passions and abilities. Our guest residents are welcomed with open arms to join our community events. Benefits include:

  • Access to all daily activities for chosen lifestyle option
  • Use of facility common areas and community amenities 
  • Find friendship and discover new interests
  • Various enrichment activities such as craft projects, board games, walks, cooking, and singing

Dining Experience

Dining is a pillar of our community experience! Our dining room is the perfect place to meet new friends and engage with fellow residents throughout the day. Our short-term residents can expect:

  • Full access to all dining amenities 
  • On-site restaurant staffed by attentive service team
  • Delicious chef-prepared meals made from fresh ingredients
  • Seasonal menus based on residents’ favorites
  • Room service available for residents wishing to dine privately
  • Exclusive dining space with catering for personal family events

Health and Wellness

Our short-term care services are designed to let residents live independently, with some added assistance should they need it. Residents can expect some or all of our health & wellness services below during their stay:

  • Customized care plans for the duration of your stay
  • Ongoing assistance with activities of daily living (ADL)
  • Nursing team members available 24/7 to ensure safety, prompt assistance, and peace of mind
  • Secure communal spaces where residents can interact and relax in safety 
  • Medication oversight provides precise, timely, and supervised dosing
  • Advanced ionized air filtration for enhanced air quality


We take care of the necessities of daily living so that you can enjoy your time in our community. Our short-term residents can expect the same service offerings as our residents of their chosen lifestyle service. This may include some or all of the below:

  • Daily tidying up to maintain a healthy and tranquil living space
  • Laundry services available for easy garment care
  • Regular housekeeping services to keep residences clean and comfortable
  • Linen service consistently providing fresh, clean towels and bedding
  • Free concierge services provided for residents and their guests
  • On-site maintenance team delivering fast, hassle-free repairs
  • Complimentary transportation to medical appointments and neighborhood destinations
  • Convenient on-premises beauty salon and barber shop
  • Spa providing residents with relaxation, rejuvenation, and therapeutic benefits 
  • Emergency response system in place for quick resident assistance and security

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