April Poems: “Family Tree” by Alice Davidson

In celebration of National Poetry Month, poets in Senior Lifestyle communities across the country are sharing their inspiring words.

Today’s poem is written by Alice Davidson from Evergreen in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Family Tree

In the center of life’s garden
A mother gently sows
A special seed, a seed of love
That sprouts, then grows and grows.
From day to day, year to year,
She nurtures it with care,
Yet, understanding of its needs,
She gives it room and air…
Through Winter and through Summer,
Through sun and rain filled hours,
The seedling reaches upward,
It branches and it flowers…
In the center of life’s garden
Grows a thing of majesty,
Rooted well with mother’s love–
A blessed family tree!

–Alice Davidson

Photo by Michael Matti, via Flickr.

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