Her New Book Will Change Your Perspective on Immigration

Isabelle Stamler has published a fascinating book about her family’s transition from revolution-torn Russia to New York City in the early-to-mid 1900s.

Her tales lend readers a new perspective on life for Jewish immigrants as they lived in the United States through the Great Depression and World War II. The book, titled Sarah’s Ten Fingers, shows the sacrifices that so many immigrants bound for America have been forced to endure, and the fruits that their efforts can yield for their descendants.

Stamler, 81, has her grandmother Sarah’s bravery, resourcefulness, and tenacity to thank for the life she has enjoyed in the United States. Stamler worked as a school teacher in Wyoming for about 30 years, and it wasn’t until she retired and moved into the Evergreen Retirement Community in Cincinnati that she found the time to write the many intimate stories that fill the pages of her wonderful new book.

Stamler recently told Cincinnati.com, “These stories that I have written have been in my head all of my life.”

sarahs ten fingersAt a recent book signing, the author was approached by a former student, who told Stamler that she had inspired her to also become a teacher. Stamler was moved to tears.

Sarah’s Ten Fingers is available for purchase on Amazon, where it is already receiving high praise from readers across the country:

“Overall this is charming history full of strong women in the Jewish immigrant world who deal with the limitations and compromises of their time and their cultures. There is much to learn here and much enjoyment to it.”

– Daniel Chaiken

“It is amazing what can be accomplished from nothing, especially when families stick together and support each other. I certainly recommend it to anyone interested in Jewish culture.”

– B.M. Weintraub, M.D.

“It is a very ‘human’ book that has something to teach us about our common history and the meaning of resilience.”

– Sally B. Sedgwick

“Very interesting insight into the living conditions she and her children encountered, the importance of family ties she instilled in her family and the resulting success of a family (her ten fingers) that was willing to work tirelessly, pursue higher education and become valued and contributing citizens in their adopted country.”

– Pamela Rizzo

Click here to buy Isabelle Stamler’s new book, Sarah’s Ten Fingers.

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