Video: What is Included in an Independent Living Community?

Retirement has evolved in significant, meaningful ways over the past years. People are increasingly active and healthy in their golden years, living longer and happier lives as a result. Independent Living is a modern retirement solution that’s designed to give older adults a sense of community, while eliminating the hassle of property maintenance and chores. Additionally, many Independent Living residents find that these communities are actually more affordable than their current lifestyle.

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What Are Independent Living Communities?

Independent Living communities are residences designed for retirement-aged adults with a variety of amenities and services like housekeeping, laundry, transportation, restaurant-style dining, and maintenance. Many of these communities also offer amenities like beauty salons, fitness centers, spas, and social events, which ensures seniors enjoy a sense of community in their new homes.

Who is an Ideal Candidate for Independent Living?

Independent Living communities are designed for seniors aged 55 years of age and older, but age requirements vary by community. Seniors looking for a sense of community and relief from the hassle of chores are ideal candidates for Independent Living communities, and are generally able to take care of themselves.

These communities are especially popular among seniors looking to do away with the burden of home maintenance, like snowbirds and RV trippers. Although Independent Living communities aren’t designed for people that need help with Acts of Daily Living (ADLs), residents can request extra help as their care needs change over time.

Independent living is the natural choice for vibrant seniors looking for a community atmosphere and an active lifestyle.

To see if Independent Living communities are right for you or a loved one, ask the following questions:

  • Do you need significant health care assistance?
  • Can you manage your own health and wellness, including setting doctor appointments medication management?
  • Are you currently physically and socially active?
  • What is a realistic budget for your retirement lifestyle?

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Eligibility Requirements for Independent Living

As mentioned above, the eligibility requirements for Independent Living vary from community to community. Generally, communities set age restrictions, and most communities require that seniors are aged 55 or older, but others set the age requirement at 62 years.

How affordable is Independent Living?

In terms of price, Independent Living communities are generally the most affordable retirement housing options. Utilities, services, and your cost of living are typically lumped into a single monthly fee, which simplifies expenses. For some folks, Independent Living communities are a way to live a more economical lifestyle than their current living situation.

Each Independent Living community is unique, and the overall costs vary. The bottom-line cost depends on where you live and the services and amenities included in the community.

For seniors that need more financial assistance, there are several Affordable Senior Living options available. Some seniors are eligible for Veterans benefits. To get more specific

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