What is respite care?

What Is Respite Care?

Respite Care services at Senior Lifestyle invites families to let us care for their loved one for as short as a week or two, or extended to 3 months or more. Your loved one will enjoy an environment that is safe, comfortable and with opportunities to make social connections and enjoy all the convenient services and amenities.

That’s why Senior Lifestyle provides a way to get a short break from the responsibilities of home care. Many of our communities offer respite care, which is a short-term stay designed to give a break to the caregiver and to help the senior loved one refresh and rejuvenate.

Caregivers benefit by getting time to look after their own needs and other responsibilities. Seniors can get a much-needed breath of fresh air and change of scenery.

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What Can Respite Care Do For Me?

Respite care can take the form of a short-term stay in a senior community for the loved one. It’s designed to provide the same level of personal care needs that would be offered to a long-term resident in the same community.

Respite care services can give a senior an opportunity to:

  • Make social connections with other seniors
  • Enjoy a comfortable setting with personalized care
  • Participate in stimulating activities and events  matched to personal needs

Stays can be as short as a week or two, or extended to 3 months or more, depending on the desire of the resident and the community they are visiting.

During a respite care stay, the team members can assist with mealtime, medication reminders and with dressing, bathing, and daily exercises. They usually offer to housekeep, too.

Why Should I Use Respite Care?

What is respite care?

A short-term respite care stay may be just the answer for a senior. There are many reasons to consider a respite stay, but here are three top reasons:

Exploring senior housing

If you are beginning to consider your options for senior housing, respite stays are a great way to learn about a community and experience the environment for yourself.

Medical recovery

If you are recovering from a surgery or illness, staying at home alone may not be the best option for you. In respite care, you’ll receive the attention and care you need to thrive, and family will be comforted knowing you’re on your way to healing.

Unavailability of regular care

If your regular caregiver is unavailable, you may find that respite care provides a wonderful break for you in a caring environment. Your loved ones can be assured that you will have a comfortable, relaxing stay in a Senior Lifestyle community.

What Kind Of Care And Amenities Are Available?

Short-term guests in Senior Lifestyle communities enjoy the same amenities as long-term residents. Exceptional dining, stimulating events and activities, and a personalized care plan will ensure that your stay will be enjoyable and your care needs are met.

Senior Lifestyle offers a program called “Be Our Guest.” It gives guests the chance to stay in a furnished apartment, mingle with team members and residents, and try out the lifestyle before making a commitment to move to a senior community.

To learn more about respite care and Senior Lifestyle communities near you, please visit our interactive Community Map.

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