Senior Lifestyle Embraces The Longest Day

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Have you heard the news? A $400 million increase in funding for Alzheimer’s research was signed into law in early May! Thanks to the unwavering efforts of the Alzheimer’s Association, this is the second year in a row that funding has been historically increased. With more than 5 million Americans living with Alzheimer’s Disease, the need for advocacy has never been greater. For the millions of families affected by this disease, the Alzheimer’s Association represents access to support services, reliable information, and most of all, hope for a cure. These same families are often at the forefront of fundraising efforts within their communities, providing a visible connection at local fundraising events like The Longest Day. At Senior Lifestyle, we’re proud to embrace this event alongside those families and advocates for the second year in a row.

On June 21st it’s all about love; love for those affected by Alzheimer’s disease, and doing what we love to raise funds to support much-needed research into a cure. For some, The Longest Day might be about pursuing an activity that reminds them of time spent with a loved one now suffering from Alzheimer’s. For others, organizing an event such as a block party may be the best way to spend the day. Still others will plant gardens, sing karaoke, play cards, or bake. From sunrise to sunset on June 21st, people everywhere will be showing love by sharing what they love; the possibilities are endless! Recent increases in funding for research are heartening, but the fight is far from over. We have the power to increase available funding by doing what we love – what’s not to love about that?

Track and field legend Wilma Rudolph, who made history as the first American woman to win three gold medals in a single Olympics, once said, “When the sun is shining I can do anything; no mountain is too high, no trouble too difficult to overcome.” At Senior Lifestyle we believe these words, and that is why we are honored to be a Global Team with a goal of raising $50,000 for The Longest Day. By partnering with the Alzheimer’s Association in the fight against this devastating disease, we know that we CAN make a difference and we challenge those in our communities to join us in our efforts. To join us, whether at a community in person or from your own neighborhood, visit your local chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association to form or join a team, pick an activity you love, then share that love with others and raise funds to fight Alzheimer’s Disease. To find out what we have planned for The Longest Day, visit the Senior Lifestyle website to find a community near you and join the team!

Derby Fever at Carriage Court of Marysville

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The folks at Carriage Court of Marysville know a thing or two about traditions and fun-filled events, and the Kentucky Derby combines the best of both. Racing forms, beautiful hats, and a heartfelt rendition of “My Old Kentucky Home” were the order of the day on Saturday, May 6th at Carriage Court. Residents, families and staff enjoyed the spectacle of the 143rd Run for the Roses with a cookout that rivaled any to be had on race day in Louisville. Program Director Robin Bryant says, “the residents loved this event, from the parade of hats to the food to the race itself. We love any excuse to have a great party, and may have to plan for the Preakness and the Belmont as well!”

The Kentucky Derby has been billed as the “Greatest Two Minutes in Sports” and Saturday’s running was no exception. A wet track and cool conditions at Churchill Downs brought out the best in frontrunner Always Dreaming, who made a decisive move with about a half-mile to go to win the race. Thunder Snow, on the other hand, decided that the soggy conditions did not suit him and refused to run, much to the dismay of those who bet on the colt. He appeared to take a misstep out of the gate and by all accounts did his best to unseat his jockey. Resident Allen Shaw picked Always Dreaming for the win, stating he was glad to have left Thunder Snow off his racing form.

If you’d like to learn more about upcoming events at Carriage Court of Marysville, call Robin Bryant at 937-642-2202 and ask for a tour, or visit the Carriage Court of Marysville website!

TALK ABOUT IT: National Healthcare Decisions Day

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If you had a health crisis, would your family know your wishes about your care? Sadly, for many people the answer is no. Families often find it difficult to ask questions about what their loved one would want in the event of a health emergency, and a conversation about advanced care planning is frequently delayed until a crisis occurs. As stressful as this conversation may be, it is an important one to have, and sooner rather than later. Senior Lifestyle proudly supports National Healthcare Decisions Day as a means of empowering our residents and families with information and access to tools to make advanced care planning easier.

National Healthcare Decisions Day, observed on April 16th, encourages meaningful conversations about advanced care planning. This annual event aims to empower people with information on how to discuss and put in writing their wishes should they become seriously ill and unable to communicate those wishes to a loved one or healthcare provider. In addition, the initiative provides healthcare providers with tool kits to aid them in starting a conversation with patients about advanced care planning. The project also focuses on much more than just living wills, inspiring families to discuss the aspects of care that matter most to them and encouraging hospitals and other care facilities to respect those wishes.

For many, the prospect of talking about final wishes is daunting, and the process of making those wishes known to loved ones and healthcare providers may seem mysterious and unnecessarily convoluted. As an initiative of The Conversation Project, NHDD works to make the process of advanced care planning less frightening by providing simple, concise information to families, healthcare providers and communities. This information is free and available in all 50 states, using uniform tools tailored to state guidelines to enable individuals to make their wishes known to their loved ones and healthcare providers.

Provide yourself and your loved ones with peace of mind by taking the time to think about and share your wishes. For more information about National Healthcare Decisions Day, go to or visit our website at Senior Lifestyle to find a community near you and start a conversation today.

Why We Walk

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Each year, thousands gather across the country to walk to end Alzheimer’s, driven by a similar desire to see this disease brought to an end. As a company, we join the thousands walking because we know we can make a difference.

Senior Lifestyle is committed to supporting those who live, support, care for, and walk alongside those on this journey. Like so many others around the country, our employees are personally impacted by this disease; we are sisters, brothers, daughters and sons of people battling Alzheimer’s. Each dollar we raise and step we take is to honor those who have been touched by this devastating disease. Our participation in the Walk to End Alzheimer’s represents our national commitment to join the fight for better research, care, and support for the over 5 million people in our country diagnosed with this disease.

Senior Lifestyle is a leading national provider of independent living, assisted living, and memory care for seniors. Founded in 1985, Senior Lifestyle is a family-owned company that promotes healthy, happy residents through an unmatched level of service. By engaging a caring team of dedicated professionals, our goal is to continue to be at the forefront of creating fulfilling lifestyles that enrich seniors’ lives today, and tomorrow. Our award-winning programs are recognized for their creativity and innovation in improving the lives of both residents and their families.

We are honored to support the Alzheimer’s Association’s mission and vision of a world without Alzheimer’s. Our goal is to raise $100,000 to support the efforts of the Alzheimer’s Association, to raise awareness for the cause, and to show our support to the residents, families, and communities that call Senior Lifestyle home. We invite you to join our teams at to be a part of finding a cure.

Raising Alzheimer’s Awareness

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Did you know nearly 50 million people worldwide are living with dementia? And that every 66 seconds someone in the United States develops Alzheimer’s?

It’s time to take an active role in reducing those numbers. A growing body of researches suggests that there are ways you can potentially reduce your risk of decline in cognitive abilities. In honor of our partnership with the Alzheimer’s Association® on The Longest Day, we wanted to share some key lifestyle routines you can adopt today that may help keep your brain healthy as you age.

GET MOVING- Studies suggest that cardiovascular activities can reduce your risk of cognitive decline. Engaging in cardiovascular activities increases your heart rate, and therefore increases blood flow to your brain and body. This type of activity also reduces the risk of high blood pressure, diabetes, and high cholesterol, which are linked to a higher risk of dementia. Working out doesn’t have to be strenuous on the body, it can be simple things such as power walking, jogging, riding a bike, or swimming.

BE CHALLENGED- Another great way to support your brain health is through mental stimulation. Those who continue to learn and challenge their brains have been shown to have a reduced risk of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. Make it a point in your life to be mentally engaged. Learn a foreign language, practice a musical instrument, read books and newspapers, work on puzzles, or pick up a new hobby.

GET SOCIAL – Studies suggest that being social reduces your risk of depression, and may delay the onset of dementia. There are many ways to get or stay social. Participate in a club or group, volunteer, be actively involved with friend and family, or get involved with your local Alzheimer’s Association’s events. The key is to stay connected to causes, activities, and people that are important to you.

Research suggests the combined effects of the lifestyle routines above along with good nutritional habits have the most powerful impact. By following these simple steps you can help reduce your risk of Alzheimer’s disease and support a strong and healthy mind. To find out other ways to sharpen your cognitive abilities, visit the Alzheimer’s Association website today or join Senior Lifestyle in their quest to GET MOVING, BE CHALLNGED, and GET SOCIAL all while raising funds and awareness for those impacted by Alzheimer’s on The Longest Day.

If you have a loved one you are concerned about having Alzheimer’s disease or dementia, we invite you to learn more about our Senior Lifestyle® Memory Care program at select communities that provides the finest in memory care.

How Will You Spend the Longest Day?

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June 20, the longest day of the year, adds some extra time to an otherwise standard day. This year, we’re using that extra time to raise funds and awareness for the Alzheimer’s Association via an educational event hosted at each of their more than 170 communities.

As a Global Partner for The Longest Day, Senior Lifestyle will host a free, online educational event titled “Effective Communication Strategies,” in addition to raising funds toward a company-wide goal of $50,000 to support the efforts of the Alzheimer’s Association. Through this event, participants will learn to decode the verbal and behavioral messages delivered by someone with dementia, and identify strategies to help connect and communicate with their loved ones at each stage of the disease.

Hollie Kemp, our Corporate Director of Resident Experience, said the partnership is a natural extension of Senior Lifestyle’s mission and values.

“We are committed to supporting those who live, support, care for, and walk alongside those on this journey. Like so many others around the country, our employees are personally impacted by this disease; we are sisters, brothers, daughters and sons of people battling Alzheimer’s,” Kemp said. “Our participation in The Longest Day is for our family, and Senior Lifestyle’s way of uniting to support the families around the nation so that no family is alone in their fight.”

Kemp added that this partnership is a way for us to actively provide support to the residents, families, employees and communities that call Senior Lifestyle home. Kemp’s passion for the project echoes that of the SL team members whose families face the daily battle against Alzheimer’s.

“Watching my Dad’s face when he was given the diagnosis of Early Stage Alzheimer’s was one of the hardest days of my life,” wrote an anonymous Senior Lifestyle team member. “From that day on, my commitment to the Alzheimer’s Association and to improving care and treatment for those living with this disease became more than a profession, it became my personal mission.”

The Longest Day event will occur at each of Senior Lifestyle’s communities accompanied by additional activities depending on the location. For more information and to find the location nearest you, visit and search for any of our communities.