Embrace Social Connections

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We’re celebrating Social Wellness Month at Senior Lifestyle. Social Wellness Month is a time to nurture relationships and focus on healthy social connections, but what happens when a loved one isn’t able to maintain those connections? When facing a diagnosis of dementia, families often find themselves struggling to find ways to help foster and maintain true connectedness with their loved one. Senior Lifestyle’s embrace memory care philosophy focuses on helping families stay connected. By creating a unique life narrative for each resident detailing their specific life experiences, we are able to create a lifestyle attuned each resident’s personal nature—familiar and uniquely their own. This life story becomes a touchstone for friends and family members to aid in communication and connection.

Researchers have found that social connections are healthy in ways we didn’t previously understand. Strong social connections have proven to lessen the risk of some forms of dementia, as well as mitigating the early effects of cognitive impairment in some people. Unfortunately, in the early stages of dementia, the person suffering from dementia often withdraws socially due to fear of humiliation, isolating themselves in an effort to “cover” the emerging symptoms. It is especially important for friends and family to continue to stay connected and engage their loved one during this time, but quite often difficult to do so in the face of the progressing illness. At Senior Lifestyle, we create a welcoming embrace neighborhood that balances structure with freedom of movement, encouraging residents to interact at their comfort level not only with fellow residents, but with friends and family as well.

In many instances, communication becomes stressful for the person with dementia as they struggle to interpret verbal cues, so non-verbal communication in the form of touch and eye contact becomes vitally important. Our small-group programs are designed to address the unique needs that arise from memory loss and impairment, with simultaneous activities bringing energy to each neighborhood throughout the entire day. We are there every moment of the day to ensure that the daily rhythm of life is filled with joy and serenity. We help family members become attuned to this daily rhythm and take opportunities to connect with loved ones.

Can an individual maintain social connections after a diagnosis of dementia? At Senior Lifestyle, we help memory care residents do just that. Our award-winning memory care philosophy, embrace, focuses on daily interactions which bring purpose and joy to life, giving residents the opportunity to be part of a thriving community. To learn more about our embrace memory care philosophy, or to schedule a tour of a community near you, please visit our website at www.seniorlifestyle.com.

Social Wellness Month

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July is Social Wellness Month, a time to focus on nurturing oneself and one’s relationships. Social wellness focuses on the giving and receiving of social support, identifying the network of friends and family an individual can turn to in times of crisis as well as times of celebration, and ways to keep relationships healthy. Since social support acts as a buffer against adverse life events, it is especially vital for seniors to have a strong social network in place and to have ways to grow and nurture that social network. Volunteering, pursuing a hobby, or joining a local senior center are all ways for seniors to gain valuable social interaction and grow relationships. 

At Senior Lifestyle, we understand that social wellness may be more difficult to attain and maintain for seniors, especially those who are homebound or who don’t live near family and friends. Since studies have shown that social interaction provides a multitude of health benefits for seniors, one of our main goals at Senior Lifestyle is to expand the social options available to our residents and families. We know that by providing increased opportunities to socialize, we can enhance and enrich the lives of those we serve.  

Seniors reap the benefits of positive social interaction in a number of ways, from increased social and emotional well-being to improvements in physical and cognitive functions. Research shows that: 

  • People who have a strong social network tend to live longer. 
  • The heart and blood pressure of people with healthy relationships respond better to stress. 
  • Strong social networks are associated with a healthier endocrine system and healthier cardiovascular functioning. 
  • Healthy social networks enhance the immune system’s ability to fight off infectious diseases. 


At Senior Lifestyle we encourage our residents to take part in activities and events designed specifically to increase social interactions and social wellness, and we strive to improve the well-being of our residents by providing creative outlets, clubs tailored to individual interests, outings designed to entertain and educate, and opportunities to simply socialize in a comfortable, welcoming environment. To learn more about social opportunities available at a Senior Lifestyle community in your area, please visit our website at www.seniorlifestyle.com and schedule a tour today! 

Celebrate Your Independence!

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At Senior Lifestyle, we celebrate our residents and their spirit of independence not only on July 4th, but every day of the year with senior living options designed for their lifestyle preferences. Independent living means that our dedicated staff is there to accommodate the unique lifestyle our residents choose so that they can enjoy the freedom to do what makes them happy. The flexibility afforded by this lifestyle option often has residents wondering why they didn’t make the decision to move sooner!  

We believe the key to a positive independent living experience lies in having a well-trained and dedicated service staff to anticipate the wants and needs of our residents, so naturally, one of our top priorities at Senior Lifestyle is to empower our team of professionals to deliver the highest standards in hospitality services. Your Life, Your Style means just that; tell us what you’d like and how you’d like it, and we’ll deliver! 

Every Senior Lifestyle Independent Living community has its own unique identity, but in general the following services and amenities are included in the base rental rate: 

  • Fine dining with seasonal, locally sourced ingredients prepared by an Executive Chef and served restaurant-style by our professionally trained service staff. 
  • Stimulating and engaging Life Enrichment Programs 
  • Private Dining Accommodations for Special Occasions 
  • Routine Housekeeping Service 
  • Transportation Service to Local Shopping Centers, Physicians’ Offices or Local Attractions 
  • 24-Hour Emergency Call System and Up and About Checks 
  • On-site Physical, Occupational, and Speech Therapy Services 
  • On-site Beauty Salon and Barber Shop* 
  • *Billed a la carte 

Support your loved one’s independent streak! Families can help senior loved ones maintain independence by practicing interactive caregiving, partnering with the senior to accomplish activities of daily living instead of “taking over.” Additionally, when needs change, loved ones can help seniors navigate the senior living journey by having open conversations with senior family members that focus on long-term needs and maintaining a level of independence that fits those needs. When changes need to happen, family members can also focus on the positive aspects of those changes.  

Our senior living options at Senior Lifestyle are designed to promote optimum levels of independence for our residents along with the freedom to enjoy the lifestyle they deserve! To learn more about Independent Living and the senior living choices at a Senior Lifestyle community near you, please visit our website at www.seniorlifestyle.com. 

Celebrating the Successes of The Longest Day

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The Longest Day has come to another successful close, and at Senior Lifestyle we’re proud of the efforts shown by team members, residents and families to raise awareness and funds for research to end Alzheimer’s disease. Whether you rode a bike, baked a cake or hosted an event, you made a difference in the lives of those living with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia, and we salute you! The Longest Day is all about love, and on the summer solstice, our communities teamed up to show love for those facing the disease with celebrations across the country. With 106 Senior Lifestyle teams and 266 participants, we found joyful and unique ways to support the cause of the Alzheimer’s Association.

What happens now? The Alzheimer’s Association will update fundraising totals for The Longest Day and post on their website; we’ll keep collecting donations and add to those totals as our communities prepare for the next fundraiser, the Walk to End Alzheimer’s, which takes place in the fall. In the meantime, Senior Lifestyle communities will continue to provide exceptional care for our residents and families to fulfill our vision to become the trusted leader in senior living services by creating great places to work and great places to live.

As always at Senior Lifestyle, we’ll be setting our goals even higher for next year, not only within our company, but within the surrounding communities as well. We’re proud to be a Global Partner with the Alzheimer’s Association in the fight to end Alzheimer’s and proud of the work we do to support those in our communities who face Alzheimer’s. We’ll continue to offer exceptional memory care, looking forward to the day when it is no longer a need. To learn more about a Senior Lifestyle community in your area, make a donation to support The Longest Day, or to schedule a tour, please visit our website at www.seniorlifestyle.com.

Summer Travel With Seniors

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Summertime is prime time for travelers, and whether we’re visiting family or traveling to an exotic locale, we love to hit the road, take a train, or board a plane to find ourselves a change of scenery. At Senior Lifestyle we know that travel can be stressful for many and can often be especially difficult for seniors, so we’re sharing a list of tips and practical advice to make travel more enjoyable for seniors and their families. Whether you’re just going over the river and through the woods or making a coast-to-coast journey, a little forethought can make the trip easier for everyone. Before you begin your summer travel with seniors, take a peek at the following advice about traveling with seniors: 

If you’re traveling by car, plan to make frequent stops. Seniors need to stretch often, and the break is good for you too! Prior to your trip, map out points of interest and if possible, build those attractions into your stop-and-stretch schedule. Be sure assistive devices like canes and walkers are easily accessible, along with any needed medications. It may seem a bit awkward at first, but also be sure to remind your loved one to use the restroom facilities at your stops and you’ll drastically reduce your chances of frantically looking for an exit with facilities in another ten miles. 

If you’re planning to fly, try to book a non-stop flight to your destination. Long layovers or sprints through a crowded airport to catch a connecting flight aren’t fun for anyone, especially an elderly parent with limited mobility. It may take longer for your loved one to board as well, so check with your airline about their boarding policies for those with disabilities. Take advantage of the assistance offered at the airport; even if Mom or Dad normally walk unassisted, a wheelchair can help ease fatigue and make the airport experience less stressful. Be sure to reserve any special services needed when booking your flight, as they may be unavailable otherwise. 

No matter what your mode of transportation may be, remember to be realistic about your itinerary. You may be up for an early hike in the morning, an afternoon swim in the pool and a late supper and dancing in the evening, while Mom and Dad may find that doing even two out of those three activities is too much for one day. Be sure to plan accordingly. If your parents like to turn in early, you may be able to spend some time enjoying things like dinner and dancing at your own pace, and there are no rules that say you have to spend every moment of your vacation together. The down time may be enjoyable for them, as well as a much-needed break for you.  

Consult with your loved one’s doctor before planning a trip. Make sure he or she feels that your elderly parent is able to manage the stress of traveling and the change in routine. Confirm that all medications are refilled and in their original bottles for ease of identification. Get a list of meds from the doctor as well, along with instructions for their use. When traveling by plane, be sure those meds are in a carry-on bag to prevent missing doses if checked luggage is delayed or lost. 

A truly unique travel book, Planes, Canes, and Automobiles by Valerie M. Grubb is a great book to read prior to taking a trip with your senior loved one. The book is packed with practical advice, highly amusing travel anecdotes, and heartwarming stories about she and her mother’s extensive travels together over the past 20 years. It serves as a cheerful, funny guide to traveling with seniors. 

No matter how you travel, enjoy this time with your parents! Remember all those road trips as a child in the backseat? How excited you were for the day when you had control of the radio, heat and air conditioning? Well, now’s your chance to exercise that control, at least to a certain extent. It’s also your chance to make some amazing memories with your loved ones, and maybe even learn a bit more about the people you care about most. Enjoy your summer travel with seniors with happy (and safe) travels from Senior Lifestyle! 

Summer Safety for Seniors

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It’s summertime and the living is easy, but along with warmer temperatures and abundant sunshine, summer brings some special health considerations for seniors. Older adults are at risk for heat-related health problems for a variety of reasons, including chronic health conditions like heart disease or COPD, as well as age-related physical changes and the side effects of certain medications.  

Taking proper precautions may help ensure a safe summer experience, so at Senior Lifestyle we’re sharing tips from Care.com to help older adults enjoy the warmer months: 


As we age, our bodies lose the ability to manage temperature changes efficiently, leading to conditions such as heat exhaustion and a severe condition called heat stroke, a medical emergency in which the body loses its ability to regulate temperature, resulting in high core temperature, confusion, rapid pulse and difficulty breathing. “Seniors are much more vulnerable to the harmful effects of heat, as their bodies do not adjust as well to sudden changes in temperature,” says Dr. Lubna Javed, formerly of HealthCare Partners Medical Group in Las Vegas. “Some chronic medical conditions and prescription medications can impair the body’s ability to react efficiently to rising temperature.” Many communities have cooling centers for those whose homes lack air conditioning, and libraries, movie theaters and shopping malls provide welcome cool spaces as well. 


For homebound seniors, having a trusted neighbor, family member or friend who checks in regularly can be an important safety measure in the summer. For those who enjoy working in a garden or taking a daily walk, both wonderful outdoor activities for older adults, having someone who knows your routine is vital. Keeping emergency phone numbers handy and sharing this information with a friend or neighbor can help in the event of a heat-related health emergency as well.  


Since older adults often become less aware of thirst and bodies naturally lose the ability to conserve fluids, it is vital for seniors to stay hydrated, especially in the summer months and when exerting themselves. Being mindful of fluid intake can help prevent hyperthermia, and since some medications can exacerbate dehydration, making hydration a habit will help keep you healthier. Setting an alarm or a reminder to drink water can help to establish a routine.  


Be sure to wear appropriate clothing and protective gear when engaging in outdoor activities. Sunscreen, a hat, sunglasses and loose fitting, light-colored clothing are all important accessories for older adults (as well as younger people!) when walking, gardening or simply spending time outdoors. Outdoor activities for older adults are a great way to stay active and stay healthy; however, be sure to dress for the weather and consider getting that outdoor exercise early in the morning or later in the evening when temperatures drop a bit and the sun isn’t quite as strong. 

Senior Lifestyle communities offer a wide variety of summertime activities, from gardening clubs to afternoon ice cream socials, all tailored to the comfort and safety of our residents and with special health considerations for seniors in mind. To learn more about a Senior Lifestyle community in your area, please visit our website at www.seniorlifestyle.com 

National Nursing Assistant Week

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National Nursing Assistant Week is June 14-21. At Senior Lifestyle, we recognize the vital role of those who provide hands-on care in our communities. We invite you to join us in celebrating National Nursing Assistant Week as we honor direct care staff and their contributions to the well-being of our residents and their families. Our service culture truly begins with these dedicated team members and is defined by this family-first philosophy. This culture is what guides our mission to provide the best service and care from the very beginning. 

Direct care workers help to create a positive, caring environment for residents, families and fellow team members every day by fostering independence, building lasting relationships, and becoming trusted advocates for those in their care. For many residents, nursing assistants are the “face of the community.” Nursing assistants are oftentimes a source of comfort and familiarity as the resident transitions to new living arrangements and becomes accustomed to new daily routines and interactions with other residents and staff.  

At Senior Lifestyle, we believe that nursing assistants are the glue that holds our communities together. Since we believe that our success begins with our people, we look for those who truly model our Senior Lifestyle vision: Every day, Senior Lifestyle’s caring team members purposefully brighten and enrich the lives of those we service with dedication to our core values. What are those core values? They are Hospitality, Excellence, Appreciation, Respect and Teamwork, values we see at work in our communities daily. 

Senior Lifestyle invites you to see for yourself the immeasurable value our nursing assistants bring to the lives of our residents. Visit our website at www.seniorlifestyle.com to schedule a tour of a community in your area and you’ll understand why we value these team members so highly! 

Be a Part of the Longest Day

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June is Alzheimer’s & Brain Awareness Month, a time to go purple to show support for the millions of people worldwide struggling with Alzheimer’s or another form of dementia. At Senior Lifestyle, we support The Alzheimer’s Association’s commitment to finding a cure for Alzheimer’s by participating in The Longest Day, a fundraiser that focuses on participants doing what they love to raise money for researching treatments and a cure for this disease. 

Senior Lifestyle participates in The Longest Day in ways unique to each individual community. From vendor fairs to family fun days to raffles and silent auctions, each group of team members, residents and families offer fun ways to support the mission of the Alzheimer’s Association: “To eliminate Alzheimer’s disease through the advancement of research; to provide and enhance care and support for all affected; and to reduce the risk of dementia through the promotion of brain health.” 

At Senior Lifestyle we’re proud to promote The Longest Day and we encourage our communities to reach out to the surrounding areas to join in the fight to end Alzheimer’s disease. There’s still so much to be done, but we are confident that with heightened awareness and fundraising efforts we can achieve the vision of the Alzheimer’s Association: A world without Alzheimer’s. 

Still wondering about The Longest Day? There’s still time to participate! Contact your local chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association or visit our website to find the Senior Lifestyle community closest to you and learn about The Longest Day events in your area, then make a vow to make every minute of The Longest Day count! 

Go Purple to End Alzheimer’s

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The Longest Day is almost here and we at Senior Lifestyle are honored to support the Alzheimer’s Association’s mission and to once again be a Global Partner in this year’s The Longest Day event. Our goal is to raise $50,000 to support the efforts of the Alzheimer’s Association, to raise awareness for Alzheimer’s and to provide support to the residents, families, and communities that call Senior Lifestyle home. As of today, we’ve raised over $11,000 toward our $50,000 goal!  

June is Alzheimer’s and Brain Awareness Month, a time to GO PURPLE to end Alzheimer’s, and at Senior Lifestyle, we’re proud to partner with the Alzheimer’s Association to raise funds for crucial research into Alzheimer’s Disease, research that we know will one day reveal a cure for this disease. Show your support in June by wearing purple, raising awareness on social media, and sharing your personal stories.  

From the Alzheimer’s Association: “Get a head start on turning Facebook purple for Alzheimer’s & Brain Awareness Month in June. Add our #ENDALZ frame to your profile picture. Simply click ‘Try it’ under the photo below or search “Alzheimer’s Association” at this link: facebook.com/profilepicframes. 

At Senior Lifestyle, our commitment to supporting those who live, support, care for, and walk alongside those on this journey is also a personal one. Like so many others around the country, our employees are personally impacted by this disease; we are sisters, brothers, daughters and sons of people battling Alzheimer’s. One team member summarized this impact perfectly when they said, “Watching my Dad’s face when he was given the diagnosis of Early Stage Alzheimer’s was one of the hardest days of my life. From that day on, my commitment to the Alzheimer’s Association and to improving care and treatment for those living with this disease became more than a profession, it became my personal mission.” Our participation in The Longest Day is for our family, and Senior Lifestyle’s way of uniting to support the families around the nation so that no family is alone in their fight. 

The Longest Day is all about love, and at Senior Lifestyle we hope you’ll join us in showing love for everyone affected by Alzheimer’s, not only those with the disease but those who provide support as well. Choose an activity, find a team, make a donation, and MAKE A DIFFERENCE in the fight to end Alzheimer’s. For more information about how we celebrate The Longest Day at a Senior Lifestyle community in your area, please visit our website at www.seniorlifestyle.com 

Memorial Day

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For many Americans, thoughts of Memorial Day center on picnics, parades, and perhaps an extra day off work or school, and while these activities are important facets of the day, they don’t speak to its true purpose: the remembrance of those who sacrificed so much for us, helping to create the freedoms we enjoy today. More than just the unofficial start of summer and an opportunity to fire up the grill, Memorial Day is a call to remember the men and women who gave their lives in service to the United States of America, a call that we at Senior Lifestyle are proud to answer as we honor those who’ve served and sacrificed. 

Originally named Decoration Day, Memorial Day was first conceived as a solemn day of honor for Civil War dead, proclaimed on May 5, 1868 by national commander of the Grand Army of the Republic General John Logan, the date chosen particularly because it did not fall on the anniversary of any specific battle. In his proclamation on the date of Decoration Day, Logan stated, “The 30th of May, 1868, is designated for the purpose of strewing with flowers, or otherwise decorating the graves of comrades who died in defense of their country during the late rebellion, and whose bodies now lie in almost every city, village and hamlet churchyard in the land.” 

While there is some confusion as to when and where Memorial Day actually began, New York was the first state to recognize the holiday in 1873, with all northern states following by 1890. At the close of World War I, the holiday transformed from a day to honor Civil War dead to a day to honor all Americans who died fighting any war. The National Holiday Act of 1971 established our current Memorial Day, falling on the last Monday in May. Additionally, in December of 2000, a “National Moment of Remembrance” resolution was passed. This resolution asks that at 3 pm local time all Americans “voluntarily and informally observe in their own way a Moment of Remembrance and respect, pausing from whatever they are doing for a moment of silence or listening to Taps.” 

Enjoy your Memorial Day weekend! Catch up with friends, eat a perfectly grilled burger and make the most of your extra day off, but remember the origin of the holiday, and perhaps take a moment around three in the afternoon to reflect on the sacrifices of many to secure our freedom. While you’ll most certainly find picnics and parties happening at Senior Lifestyle communities this Memorial Day weekend, look a bit closer and you’ll also see the pride shown by residents, staff and families in honoring those who sacrificed so much in the name of freedom. Senior Lifestyle salutes the men and women who gave their all for us and we wish you a safe and enjoyable Memorial Day!