Celebrating the Best in Senior Design

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The results are in and The Sheridan at Creve Coeur is a winner! This beautiful Senior Lifestyle community, located just west of St. Louis, Missouri, has been recognized by Senior Housing News. Each year, Senior Housing News holds an Architecture and Design Awards competition, and with entries from 80 organizations, The Sheridan at Creve Coeur garnered third place honors for outstanding memory care design. Stephen Vicalvi, Executive Director of The Sheridan at Creve Coeur, shares, “The architecture and interior design of our community provide an incredible first impression of tranquility and relaxation for guests, while the sense of family and connection bring peace of mind for families searching for memory care for a loved one.”

The Sheridan at Creve Coeur, architecturally reminiscent of the arts and crafts style, is an elegant yet inviting memory care community that blends seamlessly into the surrounding area with 53 well-appointed private, studio-style memory care apartments. Appropriate to the local community, the two-story, lodge-style design of the building is surrounded by landscaping and outdoor living spaces designed to bring the outdoors in and provide a tranquil backdrop to the craftsman style aesthetic. The interior design promotes serenity with beautifully saturated colors and sumptuous furnishings. Abundant natural light floods apartments, activity spaces and common areas.

Purpose-built specifically to support and utilize all aspects of Senior Lifestyle’s award-winning embrace memory care program, The Sheridan at Creve Coeur optimizes connections between residents and loved ones, providing a serene neighborhood atmosphere that caters to each resident’s interests and abilities. States Executive Director Vicalvi, “Residents feel very connected to one another and to caregivers as well. The atmosphere in our community is one where relationships are built and residents, families and staff take joy in each interaction. It’s a unique environment where the space actually builds a sense of connection.” Each area in the community is designed for meaningful interactions and to support a mind, body and soul approach to memory care. Open, barrier-free hallways connect spaces and allow for unimpeded movement, a key component of the embrace philosophy.

The dynamic design and amenities of The Sheridan at Creve Coeur allow memory care residents and families to create moments that are enjoyable while providing spaces that help to address the unique needs of each resident. The community forms a foundation for the aims of the embrace philosophy, allowing residents to feel worthy, loved and purposeful in a safe, serene environment. For more information about The Sheridan at Creve Coeur or to schedule a tour of this beautiful community, please visit our website at www.seniorlifestyle.com.

embrace Autumn

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Autumn is in the air and on the calendar, which means leaves are falling, the days are getting a bit shorter, and school is back in session. For many, this means a return to the regular routine after a long, lazy summer where schedules were flexible and plans changeable. Returning to a set schedule is comforting for some and a hassle for others, but for seniors with dementia a routine is vital. At Senior Lifestyle, our award-winning memory care philosophy, embrace, is built around comforting daily rhythms and activities that foster a sense of purpose for the individual with dementia.

For families caring for a senior loved one with dementia at home, a routine is vital as well. It is critical that all family members know what plans are in place in order to maintain the level of care needed and to lessen the stress not only on the caregivers but the senior with memory loss as well. Knowing the routine and the schedule of care can bring a sense of security to a senior who is dependent on others for his or her care. Back-up plans are also a necessity; planning for emergencies helps to keep things running smoothly. When the need arises for care beyond what can be provided in a home setting, Senior Lifestyle is here to provide memory care in a homelike atmosphere dedicated to honoring each resident’s individuality and personal story.

When memories fade, it’s the moments that matter most. Memory loss is difficult to navigate, and the aim of embrace is to provide a lifestyle that is in harmony with the interests and abilities of each resident while addressing the unique challenges arising from memory loss and cognitive impairment. To achieve that goal, each new resident meets with a team member to share their personal history, an embrace narrative that details specific life experiences, allowing caregivers the opportunity to truly connect with residents. This narrative and our innovative, award-winning small group programs provide a comprehensive approach to memory care that is unique to Senior Lifestyle.

While the needs of our residents change, our dedication to providing exceptional care for our residents in any season of life is perennial and constant. Senior Lifestyle’s commitment to providing innovative approaches to memory care is the foundation of the embrace philosophy, and it’s a commitment we’d love to share with those looking for exceptional care for a loved one. To learn more about embrace or any of our Senior Lifestyle communities, please visit our website at www.seniorlifestyle.com.