Fall Risk Assessment: Elderly Falls & How to Prevent Them

Preventing elderly falls is an essential part of home care for assisted living communities and caregivers to the elderly. According to the Centers for Disease Control, one in three adults over the age of 65 falls each year and over 2 million people are treated annually in emergency departments for fall-related injuries.

With the right plan, many elderly falls can be prevented at home. Using two-sided carpet tape to secure rugs to the floor, installing bright light bulbs, placing non-slip mats in and around the shower, and keeping clutter in check are all easy ways to prevent elderly falls.

Taking a fall risk assessment can help determine whether a home or assisted living environment mitigates elderly falls. Use this checklist as a guideline:

• Make kitchen items accessible. Organize your kitchen so that frequently used items are easy-to-reach and obtainable. Avoid using a stool with more than two steps to mitigate the risk of elderly falls.

• Clean up the clutter. Make sure there’s a wide, clear path through each room so that people with wheelchairs and walkers can navigate without issues. Pick up objects on the floor and re-route electrical cords to minimize elderly falls and trips.

• Fall-proof the bathroom. Using a rubber mat and shower chairs can help reduce slips and falls in the shower. Adding grab bars or handles can also assist in preventing falls.

• Keep the stairs well-lit. Senior citizens require adequate light in the home to be able to see properly. Install brighter light bulbs where necessary and add extra light switches to both the top and bottom of the stairs.

Completing a fall risk assessment can help lower the risk of elderly falls and make the home a much safer place to be. Elderly fall risk does not have to be a burden for older adults. With careful and diligent preparation, these simple steps can be taken to reduce risks and help keep seniors safe from the danger of falling.

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