Alate Old Town

Director of Resident Programs

Plan, develop, and implement resident lifestyle programming within the community as well as through outside trips and events. Survey and interview residents to determine their past and present interests and talents, as well as their satisfaction with the community’s programs and activities. Recognize the individuality, diversity, and spirituality of all residents when planning activities and celebrating holiday functions. Develop relationships with residents to encourage their participation in activities that enhance their quality of and appreciation for life. Observe residents’ function and behavior and reports significant changes or concerns to appropriate staff. Utilize outside community resources and independent contractors to enrich the variety of programs made available to residents. Develop and manage the annual department budget.   Manage and supervise other members of the department. 

Executive Chef for Luxury Senior Living

Prepare meals from standardized recipes in accordance with order in a timely and attractive manner. Set up food service line and workstations with needed condiments. Ensure all condiments and garnishes that are required are prepared and served with the appropriate foods. Assist in recipe and menu development.  Coordinate prep for the following day’s menu. Lead a pre-meal meeting with food servers to review detail of daily menu.   Assist with training of new kitchen employees. Ensure an adequate number of culinary employees each shift and ensures absences are covered as to not allow coverage holes. Assist with scheduling of employees within the department.  Assist with food ordering, monitoring inventory and creating the menu cycle. Keep stock rooms, coolers, and freezers clean and ensure that food supply stocks are rotated and that all perishables are labeled, dated, and stored properly. Maintain kitchen cleanliness and food preparation according to state and local health department code requirements. Keep food waste to a minimum by utilizing food storage and food recycling techniques. Manage and supervise Sous Chefs, Cooks, Lead Cooks, Prep Cooks, and Utility Workers as needed.

Director of Dining Services

Follow Company Dining Policy and Procedures and while ensuring that all department personnel are compliant as well.  Responsible for the purchasing of all dining food and nonfood items and ensure all purchases for the department achieve 95% DSSI ordering compliance.  Balance and maintain budgets for raw food and supplies. Utilize company standard recipes when completing food production for meals. Ensure that food is served at proper temperature and in proper portion sizes to ensure food safety and palatability according to our food temperature policy.   Ensure that residents’ Prescribed Diets are offered when applicable. Drive high satisfaction by offering our residents choice, dignity and independence in dining according to our hospitality and customer service policy.  Ensure operating and cleaning instructions/procedures are developed and implemented for the department.  Perform Pre-meal Dining Stand-Up with service staff to review daily menu details. Know and adhere to all company and the local, state, and county health departments regulations and acts as the community’s dietary representative for any health department or other required inspections; assure compliance, follow-up to assure any deficiencies are immediately corrected. Ensure all dining areas are clean and safely operating, completes monthly Self Sanitation audit according to the sanitation audit tool and operation and sanitation policies.   Interview, manage, train, hire, discipline, and terminate all dining staff personnel as needed. Oversee the scheduling of all food service personnel to maintain compliance with labor budget.

Director of Maintenance

Hire, train, discipline, and terminate department staff. Implement and maintain preventative maintenance programs (TELS and daily checklist). Coordinate compliance with local, state, and federal building codes and guidelines. Coordinate with contractors and venders to make sure insurance and licenses are current. Conduct regular inspections of all Life Safety Systems including fire extinguishers, sprinkler, and alarm systems. Work closely with Executive Director in creating and scheduling capital budgets. Establish and obtain bids for all capital projects.  Coordinate annual maintenance programs for apartments and common areas. Coordinate necessary repairs and maintenance in apartments and common areas including refurbishment for move-ins. Ensure that the outside of the property is maintained including landscaping and snow removal.  Coordinate the removal of garbage and trash for the property. Coordinate department’s staff schedules to ensure the proper maintenance of office public spaces, residential apartments, and grounds. Prepare and follow approved department budget. Maintain inventory control for all general supplies, parts, and equipment. Maintain all required maintenance files. Schedule and conduct training sessions and department meetings. Prepare resident charges/billing for extra services when applicable. Understand and implement the role of the department’s safety and disaster plan.  Head safety committee meetings.

Sales Counselor

Meet all expectations of meaningful contacts, leases and occupancy. Respond and follow-up with all walk-ins, phone-ins, mail-ins timely and appropriately. Secure the required number of budgeted move ins and achieve net gains each month. Develop and maintain a good working relationship with residents, families, and professional providers of care.    Participate in the community outreach program to generate the necessary number of referrals to reach sales goals. Report all sales activity to supervisor daily. Assure every alternative is considered before closing a lead.  Treat each inquiry with value. Maintain confidentiality of all pertinent information.

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