Liberty Heights SNF

PRN – Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA)

Take and record vital signs. Measure and record height, weight, and fluid intake/output. Recognize abnormal changes in body functioning and importance of reporting such changes to a supervisor. Assist as needed with medication reminders, bathing, grooming, dressing, escort service, and other activities of daily living. Transfer, position, and turn residents. Provide skin care. Contribute to the resident’s assessment and the plan of care. Provide nursing rehabilitation/restorative nursing services. Care for residents with dementia. Follow the schedule of resident’s needs set out by supervisor. Provide emotional and social support to residents. Promote and protect resident rights, assist residents to make informed decisions, treat residents with dignity and respect, protect resident’s personal belongings, report suspected abuse or neglect, avoid the need for physical restraints in accordance with the current professional standards, and support independent expression, choice, and decision-making consistent with applicable law and regulation. Inform supervisor of any resident issues or concerns. Respect and encourage the independence and dignity of the residents. Respect residents’ confidentiality. Familiar with emergency equipment and procedures. Understand duties during a fire drill and is familiar with evacuation plan.     Attend all required training, in-service, and staff meetings. Strive to maintain a safe working environment through the prevention of accidents, the preservation of equipment, and the achievement of safe working practices. Maintain a positive and professional demeanor toward residents, visitors, families, and co-workers. Adhere to all policies and procedures of Senior Lifestyle Corporation. Perform other duties as assigned.

FT Dietary Aide – Skilled Nursing Facility

Follow and perform duties in adherence to Senior Lifestyle Corporation Dining Policy and Procedures according to the Dining Services Policy and Procedure Manual.   Serve food in accordance with established portion control procedures and ensures that foods follow prescribed modified or therapeutic diets, nutrition/hydration requirements and resident preferences.   Assist or serve meals as necessary and in a timely manner assuring that they are palatable and appetizing in appearance as well as accurate in content to the resident.  This will include resident room service as well as service to designated dining areas.  Setup, deliver, and verify accuracy of meal trays, food carts, and dining areas as instructed.  Upon meal completion team member will remove all soiled items/equipment and deliver to the dishwashing area.  Distribute and collect menus as necessary for each meal period. Assist department in obtaining proper food supplies for the next meal.  Assist cooks in preparation of menu items. Prepare and deliver snacks and other items as instructed and assist in inventory control and stocking. All Dietary Department personnel should follow safety precautions to prevent accidents in food preparation according to our accident prevention in food preparation and prevention of back injury policy. Perform kitchen utility duties such as, but not limited to: sweep and mop floors, buss items from dining areas to dish room, wash and clean small wares and equipment. Clean and sanitize work areas, cutting boards, and table tops as well as removing garbage. Keep work areas, clean, dry and free of hazards. Know and adhere to all company and the local, state, and county health department’s regulations. Ensure that all dining areas are clean and safely operating.   Attend all required training, in services, and staff meetings.  Meet all department training standards through Redi-Learning and/or other necessary training modules as required.

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