The Reserve at North Dallas

Director of Dining Services

Follow Company Dining Policy and Procedures and while ensuring that all department personnel are compliant as well.  Responsible for the purchasing of all dining food and nonfood items and ensure all purchases for the department achieve 95% DSSI ordering compliance.  Balance and maintain budgets for raw food and supplies. Utilize company standard recipes when completing food production for meals. Ensure that food is served at proper temperature and in proper portion sizes to ensure food safety and palatability according to our food temperature policy.   Ensure that residents’ Prescribed Diets are offered when applicable. Drive high satisfaction by offering our residents choice, dignity and independence in dining according to our hospitality and customer service policy.  Ensure operating and cleaning instructions/procedures are developed and implemented for the department.  Perform Pre-meal Dining Stand-Up with service staff to review daily menu details. Know and adhere to all company and the local, state, and county health departments regulations and acts as the community’s dietary representative for any health department or other required inspections; assure compliance, follow-up to assure any deficiencies are immediately corrected. Ensure all dining areas are clean and safely operating, completes monthly Self Sanitation audit according to the sanitation audit tool and operation and sanitation policies.   Interview, manage, train, hire, discipline, and terminate all dining staff personnel as needed. Oversee the scheduling of all food service personnel to maintain compliance with labor budget.

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