Wellspring SNF

Dietary Manager Skilled Compensation $55k to $60K

Follow and perform duties in adherence to Company Dining Policy and Procedures according to the Dining Services Policy and Procedure Manual. Monitor production and serving of food in accordance with established portion control procedures and ensures that foods follow prescribed modified or therapeutic diets, nutrition/hydration requirements and resident preferences.  Obtain diet history for the use in the development of special patient menus and diet counseling.  Interview residents to get their reaction and acceptance to the quality of food service and their response to recommended diets. Assist with counseling residents with special or modified diets about the dietary requirements for their illness and condition.  Review personalized plans of care as required by law and facility standards. Supervise preparation of special menus; assist service staff as needed during mealtime. All Dietary Department personnel should follow safety precautions to prevent accidents in food preparation according to our accident prevention in food preparation and prevention of back injury related policy. Assist with ordering of all food and non-food items that are required by the community and remain knowledgeable of all menus and descriptions of diets. Maintain general employee requirements according to employee handbook and human resource policies. Know and adhere to all company and local, state, and county health departments regulations; conduct required training sessions on a weekly/monthly/quarterly basis. Ensure that all dining areas are clean and safely operating, completes monthly Self Sanitation audit according to the sanitation audit tool and operation and sanitation policies.  Meet all department training standards through regulatory training and/or other necessary training modules as required.  Proficient in all software that is utilized in the community such as ADP, DSSI, and MDS programs. Offer input and utilization data for MDS submittal using the community programs. Contribute to setting the budget. Responsible for staying within an assigned budget. Make requests for food and non-food items based on the type of diets offered and needs of the resident.  

Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) – Skilled Nursing PRN 6p-6a

Responsible for medication administration for the residents in compliance with Federal & State regulations and Senior Lifestyle Corporation guidelines. May be responsible for the admissions of new residents to include all admission assessments and documentation. Responsible for completing acute and long-term care plans or service plans. May be responsible for clinical system tracking (i.e. wounds or infection control) under the direction of the director. Provide general consultation regarding health-related concerns within the community. Notify physicians and/or family members of any change in resident’s health and provides proper documentation. Respond quickly to all emergencies. Maintain close communication with all departments and staff members. Provide educational meetings for residents and staff. Understand roll in the Safety & Disaster Plan. Maintain confidentiality of residents’ and prospective residents’ information.     May be responsible for discharges, assessments, and clinical documentation as needed. 

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