3 Senior Lifestyle Workers Win National Recognition

Three members of the Senior Lifestyle family were recently recognized by the Aging Media Network as Frontline Honors Award recipients for 2022. 

Jamie Barcomb, Roxanne Hocog and Essence Kinard were honored for “exemplary character and performance of frontline workers across the care continuum,” according to the Aging Media Network.

The AMN says a Frontline honoree is:

  • A dedicated, high-performing frontline worker who delivers exceptional experiences and outcomes
  • A passionate worker who knows how to put their vision into action for the good of seniors and aging industry professionals
  • An advocate for seniors, their industry and their peers

Jamie Barcomb, Licensed Practical Nurse

Barcomb is a licensed practical nurse at The Sheridan at Cooper City in Broward County, Florida. She recently stepped into a leadership role as the community grieved the unexpected passing of the Memory Care director.

The single mother of three girls, Barcomb became the de facto night shift leader and helped her team deal with the difficult grieving process, providing support and counseling until there was closure. Mary Buchanan, executive director, says this is but one example of Barcomb’s abilities, accountability and leadership skills. 

“I’ve been in the industry for 25 years and I sleep well at night knowing that Jamie’s in the building providing exceptional care,” Buchanan says.

Barcomb brings joy and love into the community wherever she goes, according to her coworkers. “She brightens our days, and makes us feel like more of a family,” says Marilyn Zenny, director of health and wellness.

“We are blessed to have someone like Jamie on our team,” Zenny says. “To us, she is a hero, and we want her to be appreciated for all she does for the residents, staff, and our community.” 

Roxanne Hocog, Lead Medication Aide

Hocog is a lead medication aide at Orchard Pointe in Port Orchard, Washington. She shows compassion for and thinks of residents even on her days off and on her free time. Recently she organized a 100th birthday party for a resident, taking to social media to ask for 100 birthday cards, which were delivered to a delighted celebrator.

Hocog is well-known in the community for her bright and bubbly attitude, which endears her to residents, team members and family members, making them all eager to spend time around her. 

During COVID restrictions, Hocog stepped in to become a hair-care expert at Orchard Pointe. Since beauticians were unable to come into the community, Hocog took it upon herself to contact family members and get permission to trim and style residents’ hair or to provide a shave, all free of charge.

Taylor Burns, executive director, says Hocog supports all the team members while continuing to learn and grow in her own position. Burns praises her accountability, communication and integrity.

“We are so lucky to have her here with us,” Burns says, “and can only hope she will be recognized by others to truly know how appreciated she is.”

Essence Kinard, Memory Care Caregiver

Kinard is a Memory Care caregiver at Sage Harbor at Baywinde in Webster, New York. She’s a staunch advocate for her residents, taking time to learn about their lives and histories, either in person or with family members. She recognizes their feelings, opinions and wants beneath the surface of their challenges, and does her best to meet their needs.

Tasked with helping residents, assisting coworkers and communicating with families, Kinard goes the extra mile. She is often seen turning daily laundry duty into an opportunity to reorganize a resident’s closet, or taking time to walk around the community with a resident if they need some companionship.

Families often ask for her by name, and it’s not uncommon for her to receive kudos for her interactions with them, even after difficult conversations. Kinard builds trust and relationships by communicating often and sharing humorous stories with families to keep them connected with their loved ones.

“Watching Essence, you know she feels that she’s taking care of her own loved ones,” says Kristen La Brie, associate executive director. “She really views our residents as her family.”

Kinard is a natural leader, La Brie says, making Baywinde feel like a more complete and connected community.

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