The 5 Most Beautiful Locations Briarcliff Manor has to Offer

Though Briarcliff Manor is only a few square miles in area, its gorgeous scenery and unique history make this New England village an extraordinary destination for tourists and residents alike. This lively village lies east of the Hudson River, with breathtaking parks, fine dining, ample opportunities for golf and recreation, and historical sites. This storied slice of New York instills a sense of wonder and delight.

Here are the five more beautiful sites in and around Briarcliff Manor:

1. Hardscrabble Wilderness Area

For those looking to experience exquisite New England forests, it’s hard to beat the Hardscrabble Wilderness Area. This 235-acre green space features an undisturbed pond, and a leisurely hiking trail, suitable for moderate hikers, children, and canine companions.

Westchester County is known for its beautiful trees, which grow especially effulgent in the Autumn. Blooming tulip trees, hemlocks, sassafras, red maple, and flowering dogwood make the Hardscrabble Wilderness Area a glorious day trip, hike, or picnic spot. This area also features wildflowers and is a popular destination for birdwatching.

Things to do at the Hardscrabble Wilderness Area:

  1. Hike the Hardscrabble Wilderness Area Trail (1.3 – 3.5 miles)
  2. Birdwatching
  3. Picnicking
  4. Wildflower photography

2. The Briarcliff Manor

Not to be confused with the historic Briarcliff Lodge, The Briarcliff Manor is a lavish, full-service event venue at the historic site of the Haymount Estate. This gorgeous southern manor was constructed in 1902 as the Haymount Estate for Williamson Whitehead Fuller. Its grand southern plantation functioned as a speakeasy during the Prohibition era.

This full-service event venue offers wedding packages, corporate events, bar mitzvahs, and beyond, with fine cuisine and stunning views of the Hudson Palisades. For those looking for a lavish event destination with a rich history, The Briarcliff Manor is an elegant choice.

Things to do at the Briarcliff Manor:

  1. Weddings
  2. Corporate events
  3. Fine dining
  4. Holiday parties



3. William W. Law Memorial Park

Walter William Law was the benevolent and prosperous founder of Briarcliff Manor, who transformed a rugged stretch of land into a prolific farm and grew his community to an official New York village. He also established schools and donated land for the Briarcliff Congregational Church, as well as Liberty Park. Liberty Park was renamed to Walter W. Law Memorial Park, or the Law Memorial Park, for short.

This park features lush greenery, Westchester County’s distinct Tudor Revival architecture, pools, winding walkways, tennis courts, and is directly next to the Briarcliff Manor Public Library.

Things to do at William W. Law Memorial Park:

  1. Picnicking
  2. Swimming
  3. Tennis
  4. Day trips

4. Sleepy Hollow Country Club

The Sleepy Hollow Country Club was once known as the Woodlea Clubhouse and started as a mansion for Colonel Elliot Fitch Shephard who founded the New York Bar Association. It was sold to Frank Vanderlip and William Rockefeller in 1910, who repurposed the property into the Sleepy Hollow Country Club. The course was designed by Charles Blair Macdonald and Seth Raynor in 1911, and was expanded to 27 holes in the 1920’s.

Today, the Sleepy Hollow Country Club boasts 338 acres of historic hills and woodlands, with a 1,700 square foot indoor/outdoor learning center for golf, swimming pools, tennis courts, a multi-level horse stable, two outdoor riding rings, a fitness center, and ample opportunities for catered events and meetings.

Things to do at the Sleepy Hollow Country Club:

  1. Golfing
  2. Events/Meetings
  3. Recreation
  4. Horseback Riding

5. Pocantico Lake County Park

For those looking for tranquility, invigoration, and scenery, Pocantico Lake County Park is a must-see. This park lies along the northeastern flank of Pocantico Lake, featuring the vibrant, changing foliage of New England forests, a gentle river, and old carriage trails. This park is a lovely choice for a full family outing, fishing, equestrian outings, and photography.

For those looking to hike the Pocantico Lake trail, expect wide trails and slight elevation gains. This hike is perfect for full family outings, and casual fishing trips.

Things to do at the Pocantico Lake County Park:

  1. Fishing
  2. Hiking
  3. Horseback Riding
  4. Photography

Briarcliff Manor retains much of its natural beauty, as many of the founders and property owners over the centuries have delighted in the exquisite scenery. These five locations are only a few of the sights and experiences that away in Briarcliff Manor and the surrounding areas in Westchester County. From Walter William Law to modern restaurateurs, Briarcliff Manor has been crafted into an ideal location for visits, events, residence, and retirement.

For more information about Briarcliff Manor’s beautiful scenery, history, and retirement opportunities, reach out to The Club at Briarcliff Manor today.

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