Our 5 Favorite Things About Fall

Today is the first day of autumn. Here are five of our very favorite things about fall.

Today, our planet is standing upright on its axis as it orbits the Sun, which means our day and night will both be almost exactly 12 hours long. But it also means fall is here! While some people might not be quite ready to let summer go, we love the fall season and welcome it with open, layered arms.

Our five favorite things about fall


  1. Fashion

Fall gives us a reason to wear all sorts of fancy fabrics like cashmere, corduroy, and wool. And with the chillier weather, we can layer up with hats, sweaters, scarves and jackets to look cool while we stay warm!

  1. Foliage

Green is nice, but fall proves that variety is the spice of life. Walking along any tree-lined street or nature trail, we’re treated to yellows, oranges, and reds as the trees make less and less chlorophyll. Aging is indeed a beautiful process!

  1. Food

Fall is for feasting! Research has shown that we consume about 200 more calories each day in autumn. There’s Halloween candy, Thanksgiving turkey, and plenty of apple cider to wash it all down.

  1. Football

While the NFL has suffered a blitz of bad PR lately, sports fans across the country still have plenty to cheer about on Saturdays and Sundays as their favorite college and professional teams take the field.

  1. Festivities

Halloween and Thanksgiving are two great reasons to get together with friends and family this fall. And did we mention the candy and turkey?

Happy fall, everyone!


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