Best Tablets For Seniors

Tablets are increasingly a favored device for seniors. While adults under age 50 are buying fewer tablets, 52% of senior ages 50 and older own one, according to AARP. Over half of these owners use their tablets daily, too. In fact, 63% of seniors in their 60s were the most likely to use them every day.

What do seniors use tablets for? More than 40% use them this way:

  • To access social networking websites
  • To browse the internet
  • To get news and other information
  • To play games

Find out why seniors should consider tablets, and how to pick the best tablets for seniors.

Some Reasons Seniors Should Consider Getting a Tablet

There are several reasons the best computers for seniors are tablets, even better than laptops or smartphones.

Here are some of the top reasons a tablet is the best computer for older adults.

Tablets are complete

Many of the features people use the most are already built in. This includes cameras, microphones and speakers. This means no extra cords to haul around and plug-ins to download.

Tablets are easy to read

The size of type, brightness of background, temperature of the screen for nighttime reading and more are customizable with tablets. That means you can make reading easier, with less eye strain.

Tablets are good for staying in touch

Email, photos, text messaging and video calling are ready to use on a tablet. You can also transfer documents and photos to everyone in the family easily by using syncing.

Tablets are low maintenance

Battery life is good, charging is easy and tablets are almost always ready to go. Tablets also rarely get viruses, unlike desktop or laptop computers. Software companies often offer free versions of their product for tablets, so that saves you money, too.

Tablets are portable

Laptops are portable, but tablets are even moreso. They can be tucked into a bag or purse, and can be kept in an attractive cover. They can be taken to doctor’s offices, restaurants or on car trips. They also are easy to prop up and use almost anywhere.

Tablets are simple to use

There’s no mouse that might be hard to use, no keyboard to work, and no other accessories needed. An easy-to-use touch screen makes it simple to access everything you need just by tapping the tablet. They also vary in size, with screens from 6 or 7 inches to larger models of around 18 inches.

Best Tablets That Will Help Seniors Stay Connected

There are a number of tablet manufacturers, each offering their own amenities and stores full of apps, books, movies and more. Here are some of the best tablets from each of the main makers.

Best Amazon Tablet

The Fire 7 tablet is a pared-down version of Amazon’s other Fire devices. It’s a simple tablet that users appreciate for its intuitive use. Since it is an Amazon device, it has the Alexa assistant loaded and will operate by voice. It has a limited app store but makes up for limitations with its low price.

Best Apple Tablet

Apple is well known for iPads, some of them quite large, and quite expensive. But there is a smaller, budget option called the iPad mini. It fits in a purse or bag and has good battery life. It works with Apple’s suite of apps and amenities, plus the Siri voice assistant. It can also link to an Apple Watch.

Best Microsoft Tablet

The Microsoft Surface Go operates with a system familiar to anyone who uses a laptop computer. It runs on Windows 10, and features a magnetic Surface Pen for using on the touch screen. Its webcam features Windows Hello facial recognition that can substitute for passwords. It also doubles as a laptop with an attached keyboard.

Best Samsung Tablet

The Samsung Galaxy Tab A and A7 are good options for seniors. The A has an 8-inch screen, and the A7 features a 7-inch display. Both are slim and easy to carry around, and also interface with other Samsung devices like the Galaxy Watch. It also has a voice assistant, Bixby.

Best of the Rest

Asus ZenPad 3S 10

This tablet feels like an Apple iPad but is more flexible, like an Android. It’s small and lightweight, making it easily portable. It has a headphone jack, which is not a common feature on current tablets, and a USB-C port, which gives you a chance to plug in other accessories.


The GrandPad is more than a tablet, instead offering a full service. It features a 7-inch Android tablet, with a cover that doubles as a stand. Plus, it comes with 4G internet service with unlimited phone calls. The downside is a very limited scope of accessible websites. It’s intended to keep seniors safe as they can make video calls, check emails, read the news and listen to music.

Huawei MediaPad T3

Huawei’s tablet is fairly standard, but comes with a blue-light filter, making it easier on the eyes for use during the evening. This highly portable tablet is good for more basic uses, such as streaming video and everyday internet use.

Lenovo Tab 4

Lenovo features Alexa voice assistant and hands-free use. It’s thin, easy to transport, and is connected to the Google Play Store. An available Home Assistant Dock turns it into a stand-up computer that can play music and helps make video calling easier.

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