Best Warm Cities for Resort-Style Retirement

Tired of the snow back east or up north and ready to live out your golden years wintering in paradise? While some seniors enjoy being close to relatives and friends while they retire, there’s something to be said for spending the harsh winters in a tropical retirement destination. What’s more, you don’t have to choose!

A growing number of older Americans are choosing to spend their winters in balmier climates, where harsh winters won’t limit their activities and daily enjoyment. These so-called “snowbirds” spend winter in seasonal homes and senior living communities, where they can enjoy socializing, fine dining and daily fun before returning home once it thaws come spring.

Whether you’re looking for year round sunshine or just a winter away, consider these top cities for resort-style retirement.

Celebrate Tropical Retirement in Florida

If you’re looking for the ultimate tropical retirement destination, look no further than Florida. From the Caribbean vibes of South Florida to the Gulf Coast views of Tampa, there’s no better place to spend the winters of your greatest years.

Some top tropical retirement cities include:

When is the best time to visit Florida?

Florida is known for its balmy winters and hot and humid summers. That, in addition to a hurricane season from June to November, means the best time to visit Florida is between December and April. Winter is considered a high season for the area, meaning it may be more expensive to get and stay there during these peak times, but a spring visit keeps you out of April snow showers up north and away from tourist pricing in Florida.

Catch Sun Rays in Southern California

While California has favorable weather year round, Southern California—from Los Angeles down to San Diego—is a perfect winter destination for those looking to escape rain, snow and fog. With nearly 10.5 million domestic visitors in 2018, according to the Visit California, Orange County makes an ideal winter destination due to its beaches and amenities. Of those 10.5 million visitors, nearly half arrived between January and May.

When’s the best time to visit Southern California?

Depending on what your dreams are, there are different ideal times to visit Southern California. According to Visit California, Los Angeles International Airport saw nearly 1 million more visitors in June, July and August than in September through March, meaning it could be less crowded in the winter. Beyond that, temperatures linger below 80 degrees outside the summer months. The rainy season runs December through March, so if you choose to spend winters in Southern California, do pack a raincoat!

Perfect Retirement Weather in Arizona

Want the weather of Southern California without the rain? Arizona is a perennial favorite for resort-style retirement, especially for those who just want to spend some seasons away. Phoenix and the surrounding area combine the arts and culture of a big city, surrounded by the beautiful Arizona mountains.

Learn more about Arizona resort communities:

When’s the best time to visit Arizona?

Arizona summers can be harsh, but winters and spring can be balmy and sunny. The best time to visit is between December and May. With blooming flowers in spring and temperatures in the high 60s to 70s, if you’re used to similar temperatures in summer, pack your short-sleeved shirts but make sure to head home before June.

Everything’s Better in Texas, Even Retirement

With everything from snow to the Gulf Coast, different areas of Texas can be a retirement haven. Consider coastal views in Corpus Christi or enjoy the big Texas style of Austin. Some resort-style areas of Texas to consider living either part-time or year-round include:

When is the best time to visit Texas?

The best time to visit Texas is spring, between March and April, when winter’s chill has let up but Texas’ scorching summers haven’t set in. For seniors who are used to colder climates, winter in southern Texas is mild compared to the northeast.

What to Consider Before Embarking on Resort-Style Retirement

If you’re considering wintering away from home in your retirement years, it can take some preparation. Leaving home for a few months means you’ll want to consider the basics like pausing the newspaper delivery, but there’s even more. Here’s a checklist of items to consider before spending the winter in a tropical destination:

  • Mail forwarding
  • Pausing expenses like trash collection
  • Continued lawn care
  • Consider security or monitoring
  • Wrap up any maintenance before leaving

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