Beyond Bingo

In 1929, Edwin S. Lowe created the modern version of the game we know as Bingo, but a similar game has been played in Europe since the 1500s. Easy to learn and play, Bingo has grown in popularity over the years, enjoyed by both young and old in settings from church basements to Bingo halls to senior communities.  December is Bingo’s birthday month, and while we love Bingo as much as the next person, (maybe even more!) at Senior Lifestyle we also love the variety of senior activities available at our communities. We believe that the opportunity for social engagement is vital to the health and well-being of our residents.

At Senior Lifestyle, we’re proud to offer our residents diverse opportunities for interaction, creativity and the pursuit of their passions. Our residents are the inspiration for many of our most popular programs and they are encouraged to suggest senior activities based on their personal preferences and interests. From book and gardening clubs to our award-winning Brain Health University, our residents have options for engagement every day. With a laugh, family members often claim that their loved one is “never home” when they call because the senior’s schedule is packed with things to do. Residents often express surprise at the ease of joining an activity as well, noting that they are busier than ever now that social events and hobbies are just a few steps away.

Brain Health University, a 2012 ALFA Best of the Best award winner, presents residents with a unique opportunity to learn more about subjects that intrigue them in a setting that fosters personal growth and provides a great opportunity to make new friends with similar interests. The program offers 30 different courses designed to enhance cognitive function and promote social interaction. Upon completion of 18 courses, residents receive a certificate of graduation and a celebratory event.

Discover Your Mark combines creative expression with continuity of culture by helping seniors participate in meaningful artistic outlets that help to illustrate their values and the wisdom they’ve accumulated over a lifetime of learning. The process of aging provides tremendous promise for growth and development via the arts, and today’s thinking looks at age not as a decline, but as a time of new experiences, learning and creative and productive contribution. Older adults have an abundance of social and emotional knowledge, and one way to pass on that wisdom is through artistic expression, an activity known to promote physical and cognitive health.

By removing the fear of technology through fun and engaging programs, .com Seniors inspires Senior Lifestyle residents to become tech-savvy and provides the means to experience and experiment with technology. This unique program offers a variety of opportunities for program directors to encourage seniors to engage in socially positive technology like Skype and Facebook, providing vital connections to friends and loved ones. The program removes psychological and physical barriers to utilizing technology as well as leveraging technology to elevate the quality of other programs offered in the community.

Our activity professionals at each Senior Lifestyle community provide a wide range of programs to meet the wants and needs of each resident. From physical fitness to creative arts to cooking demonstrations and acting classes, there truly is something for everyone. If your interests include catching a show or browsing the local shops, Senior Lifestyle can get you there as well with transportation provided for outings in the surrounding communities. We can coordinate trips to museums, theaters and casinos; we love to plan trips based on resident suggestions. For more information about the senior activities available at a Senior Lifestyle community near you or to schedule a tour, please visit our website at As for Bingo, it’s still on the calendar and you might even find us playing when you visit; it’s a classic for a reason and still as well-loved as ever!

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