9 Trends in Luxury Retirement Communities

The Pew Research Center says from 2011 through 2030, roughly 10,000 baby boomers will reach retirement age every day. Consequently, the demand for good retirement communities and exceptional care services has skyrocketed.

The market has responded by producing a variety of luxury retirement options for those that don’t want to sacrifice their lifestyle in retirement. For retirees who worked hard and planned well, there are plenty of luxurious retirement communities to choose from.

If you are searching for a retirement community, but are worried about finding a new home that will fulfill your taste for the finer things in life, you’ve come to the right place. Keep reading to discover nine current trends in luxury retirement communities.

9 Trends in Luxury Retirement

1. Prime locations

Today’s active seniors want to shop, explore museums, and enjoy a more active lifestyle than their grandparents did in their retirement.

Urban retirement communities are booming as a result. Another growing trend in locations is snowbirds coming “half-back,” settling into retirement in mid-America. Waterfront locations, elite neighborhoods, and historic sites like Briarcliff Manor are a few more popular places retired baby boomers are choosing to spend their golden years.

2. Upscale amenities

Carefully-selected architecture, gourmet dining, and on-site salons are just a few of the luxury amenities you would expect to find in upscale retirement communities. The best locations pay close attention to the little details like quality furnishings, professional staff, and a menu of individual services you would expect at a five-star hotel or resort.

3. Robust communities

High-quality retirement communities encourage socialization and foster opportunities for residents to make and maintain personal connections with their neighbors. As we age, we tend to lose personal connections.

Staying socially active and making new connections to replace those lost is critical to maintaining good health. The remaining part of social groups staves off depression and mental decline. In fact, a recent study showed that cognitive decline was 70% lower in those who were frequently social than those who were more isolated.

4. A focus on independence

While being part of an active social group is important, maintaining a comfortable level of independence is also critical for your happiness and life satisfaction. The best retirement communities will support you in your individual interests and pursuits.

You should be able to make your own schedule, attend events, and visit places of interest away from the community as you see fit. Your luxury retirement community should have transportation available to take you to museums, doctor’s appointments, shops, and other points of interest throughout the week.

5. Individualized care plans

Cognitive, physical, and social well-being are the core focus of a good individualized care plan.

At the best luxury retirement communities, you can expect around-the-clock medical team members on-site, dietitians working closely with chefs, and mental health professionals providing care and planning activities. Many luxury retirement communities keep kinesiologists and personal trainers on team members to provide individual physical therapy sessions and fitness classes.

6. Technology

Today’s retirement communities feature security systems and thorough closed-circuit video camera monitoring. WiFi service throughout all buildings is another amenity provided by more and more retirement communities. Don’t be surprised if your luxury retirement community even offers technology classes on social media, internet research, email, and even the latest chat and texting lingo!

7. Intergenerational activities

Bringing together the wisest and youngest members of our neighborhoods is an honor and a blessing, and more retirement communities are discovering the joy produced through these activities.

Intergenerational programs provide a wide variety of benefits to retirees. Seniors who connect with youth experience fewer falls, perform better on memory tests and burn more calories than their contemporaries. On the other side, youngsters involved in intergenerational programs are 46% less likely to start using drugs, and develop better communication and problem-solving skills than other kids their age.

8. Plenty of activities to get involved with

Don’t get us wrong – bridge and book clubs are a lot of fun, but many retiring baby boomers want more.

Gardening clubs, civic organizations, fitness classes, movie groups, and day trips into the city are just a sampling of what’s on the event calendars for luxury retirement communities like The Club at Briarcliff Manor.

9. Flexibility to meet your shifting needs

As we age, our mental, physical, and medical needs can change. A great retirement community should be equipped to meet your needs, wherever you are in your personal journey.

Programs like embrace, Senior Lifestyle’s award-winning Memory Care program, will help you balance structure with freedom if your memory begins to fade. There’s no need to leave behind team members and friends you know and love because the best retirement communities will shift to deliver the care you need.

Development of upscale retirement communities like The Club at Briarcliff Manor is a response to the unique needs and desires of modern-day retirees. We encourage you to call us at 914-505-6010 to learn more about our upscale amenities and top-tier services.

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