Employee Appreciation Day

Appreciation is a word that comes to mind when we think of the employees at Senior Lifestyle; for this reason it is the A in our new core value statement acronym HEART. Every Senior Lifestyle team member creates the value we offer our residents and families; these individuals live out our mission and values every day. Employee Appreciation Day is a day we celebrate all for the hard work, compassion and dedication shown in supporting our residents and their families 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. This dedication and commitment to excellence is demonstrated daily in each of our Senior Lifestyle communities across our team members’ many areas of expertise:

  • We appreciate our personal care and nursing team members in our communities for providing peace of mind for residents and families who know that clinical needs will be met in a caring professional manner. Thank you for treating our residents with dignity and respect while providing a compassionate listening ear and the expertise to manage medical needs from simple to complex.
  • Kudos to the dining teams in each community for making mealtimes an event to be eagerly anticipated with delicious offerings and an unmatched atmosphere. Every member of the dining team strives to make the dining experience an exceptional one for residents, families and guests; we see their dedication on display every day.
  • Maintenance and housekeeping team members in our communities are truly the glue that keeps everything together and moving forward. Their care and dedication is evident to everyone who enters, as they keep each community sparkling and perform tasks that make our residents’ lives easier and hassle-free.
  • No community would be complete without an imaginative, creative and energetic activity staff! From weekly craft projects to well-planned outings, these dedicated team members provide a creative outlet for residents as well as a vibrant social scene, always working to find ways to include every resident in the fun.
  • Many thanks to our marketing and sales teams, who are dedicated to helping families find the lifestyle that works for them and identifying ways to help them achieve that lifestyle. Their guidance has made the difference for countless families!
  • Management teams in each community deserve thanks for their leadership and for guiding and mentoring staff. Their role in helping to develop skills that advance careers and open doors to opportunities at every level of employment is vital.
  • Thank-you to our regional support teams who are committed to traveling wherever they are most needed to ensure our communities have the support they need to be successful.
  • To our Chicago Home office team, we also say thank-you for all you do to support our communities from afar! Whether you work in asset management, benefits, IT, accounting, billing, payroll, sales, marketing, training, human resources, recruiting, design, vendor management, capital expenses, business strategy, financial analytics, operations, dining and more, we appreciate your commitment to serving our teams and residents.

Happy Employee Appreciation Day! At Senior Lifestyle we are honored to recognize the talents and contributions of team members in each of our communities as well as our home office. Their dedication to our core values and their compassion for those we serve provide the foundation for our accomplishments in 2018, making Senior Lifestyle a great place to live and a great place to work!

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