Engage at Every Age

May is National Older Americans Month, a time to recognize the contributions of seniors in our communities and encourage continued engagement. Every year, the Administration on Aging, part of the Administration for Community Living, leads our nation’s observance of Older American’s Month. This year’s theme, Engage at Every Age, focuses on the importance of involvement in activities that enrich the lives of seniors, whether those activities promote spiritual, emotional or physical wellness. Additionally, the theme highlights the contributions seniors make in their communities across the country, a positive impact that strengthens each community and provides a link between generations.  

At Senior Lifestyle, we see the positive impact of active seniors every day as our residents participate in intergenerational activities, share their life stories, and engage in mentorship programs that benefit not only youth, but every individual involved. Our communities support active, engaged seniors with programs designed to keep our residents involved in whatever form of activity they enjoy and we’re proud to provide an atmosphere in each Senior Lifestyle community that fosters a sense of engagement and purpose for our residents, truly a place to Engage at Every Age!  


Lance Robertson, ACL Administrator and Assistant Secretary for Aging, released the following statement in celebration of National Older Americans Month: 

Everyone has their own story. And telling those stories is an outstanding way to engage with other people. It’s how we pass wisdom to others, get to know each other, learn about the past and advocate for a brighter future. Everyone – young and old alike – enjoys hearing a good story.  And there are lots of important stories to tell about older Americans. 

I encourage Americans young and old – and, best of all, young with old! – to take a moment this month to share your stories. By sharing the stories of aging and older Americans, we celebrate our triumphs, share our wisdom, advocate for each other, and build stronger communities for all of us. 

One easy way you can share your story is through the Older Americans Month Selfie Challenge. Show us how you “Engage at Every Age” by posting a selfie (or groupie) of you participating in activities that improve your well-being using the hashtag #OAM18. 

As we celebrate Older Americans Month, why not make a personal choice to stay engaged? Get involved, take an active role in your care, pick up or continue a beloved hobby, or just make your goal one of increased social activity! Want to know more about how we Engage at Every Age at Senior Lifestyle? Check out the Senior Lifestyle website for a community near you and add your voice to the growing number of seniors who are actively choosing what aging looks like. 

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