This Product Aims to Empower More Seniors with Mobility and Independence

As people who have led full, active lives look for a mobility solution that assists them with emerging physical limitations while fueling their adventurous spirits, the options have been lacking–until now.

DDStudio, a California-based design firm, has helped two entrepreneurs develop a new product that they think is a vast improvement on the traditional walker.

“The most fundamental mobility function of a human being is the ability to walk,” says Kim Goodsell, who co-founded ProAbility with her husband. “And yet the equipment that we have does not fulfill those needs.”

Their solution is the ROVA, which the makers describe as pedestrian assistive technology.

ROVA: Pedestrian Assistive Technology from DDSTUDIO on Vimeo.

“It was apparent from the start that we should approach this from the ground-up,” says Charles Curbbun, CEO of DDStudio. “It’s critical for us to understand people who’ve arrived at this point in their lives who were accustomed to independent living.”

ROVA is designed to be safer and more comfortable than traditional walkers, while enhancing independence with features such as ample storage, easy mobile device integration, and a nimble profile.

ROVA is the latest product innovation for seniors who wish to maintain their independence while increasing their safety. These new mobility solutions for transitioning, adventurous seniors is a welcome trend, and we hope that more inventions are to follow.

Watch a video introducing Trikka, the walker-bicycle hybrid from the designers at IDEO.


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