Good Neighbors

What makes a good neighbor? Is it a never-ending supply of sugar to borrow? The best recipe for chocolate cake? Perhaps open invitations to every cookout? National Good Neighbor Day, observed on September 28th, celebrates the qualities that define good neighbors everywhere. The effort to make Good Neighbor Day a national holiday began in the 1970’s in Lakeside, Montana, and in 1978 President Jimmy Carter announced the creation of this holiday focused on building thriving communities.  While Good Neighbor Day has been celebrated in various ways through the years, the passage of a resolution in 2003 made the holiday official.

At Senior Lifestyle, we believe being a good neighbor is simple; it’s giving back to the community, sharing resources, and most importantly, meeting the needs of those who rely on us for exceptional care. Our Senior Lifestyle neighborhoods, whether Independent Living, Assisted Living, Skilled Nursing or Memory Care, foster a sense of community between team members, residents and families, creating relationships that benefit each member of the community.

Like any neighborhood, Senior Lifestyle communities thrive because of the diversity and creativity of our residents. Neighborhoods are stronger when people come together to share their interests and many of our most popular senior activities have been suggested by residents. From gardening to book clubs to appreciation for the arts, Senior Lifestyle residents prove every day that being a good neighbor starts with sharing talents and passions with those closest to us, and our Programming Directors are always available to help implement a new idea, plan an outing or even schedule a Wii bowling tournament!

We’re proud of the thriving neighborhoods created at our Senior Lifestyle communities and we encourage resident suggestions that contribute to the innovative senior activities we offer in each community. To learn more about any of our communities, events or activities, please visit our website at We’d love to share our vision of being a good neighbor with you, and the door is always open to new neighbors!

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