The Healthiest (and Unhealthiest) States in America for Seniors

The United Health Foundation’s America’s Health Rankings Senior Report was just released, and it shows how the states stack up in terms of overall senior health. Where does your state rank?

In the study, the clear winner was Minnesota.

The report describes what factors help Minnesota seniors stand out, which sheds light on The United Health Foundation’s methodology:

Minnesota’s strengths include ranking first for all health determinants combined, which includes ranking in the top 5 states for a high rate of annual dental visits, a high percentage of volunteerism, a high percentage of quality nursing home beds, a low percentage of marginal food insecurity, a high percentage of prescription drug coverage, and ready availability of home health care workers. Minnesota also ranks second for all health outcomes combined, including ranking in the top 5 states for a low rate of hospitalization for hip fractures, a high percentage of able-bodied seniors, a low premature death rate, a low prevalence of full-mouth tooth extractions, and few poor mental health days per month.

The healthiest and unhealthiest states for seniors:

1. Minnesota
2. Hawaii
3. New Hampshire
4. Vermont
5. Massachusetts
6. Colorado
7. Utah
8. Oregon
9. Delaware
10. Wisconsin
11. Maryland
12. Connecticut
13. Iowa
14. Maine
15. Washington
16. Nebraska
17. Kansas
18. California
T-18. North Dakota
20. Michigan
21. Virginia
22. Pennsylvania
23. Arizona
24. New Jersey
25. Idaho
26. Rhode Island
27. South Dakota
28. Florida
29. North Carolina
30. Montana
31. Ohio
32. New York
33. Wyoming
34. South Dakota
35. Illinois
36. Alaska
37. Indiana
38. New Mexico
39. Missouri
40. Georgia
41. Texas
42. Nevada
43. Tennessee
44. Alabama
45. West Virginia
46. Arkansas
47. Oklahoma
48. Kentucky
49. Louisiana
50. Mississippi

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