Healthy for Good

February, American Heart Month, is drawing to a close, and at Senior Lifestyle we hope that you’ve gained some information about heart health as well as some incentive to take care of your heart. Our senior communities are committed to fostering a healthy lifestyle for those we serve, so we’re excited to share information on heart health.

When it comes to heart health, factors such as lifestyle, blood pressure, weight, response to stress and diet all play a part. Making small changes can make a big difference, especially if you are at higher risk for heart disease due to manageable risk factors like hypertension. Lowering your blood pressure can make a substantial difference not only in your heart health, but in your overall sense of wellbeing, leading to even more changes, such as exercising more and better stress management.

Small steps lead to big steps! The American Heart Association has introduced Healthy For Good, a unique program designed to help people make small changes to create healthier lifestyles. The Healthy For Good approach focuses on four simple goals:


Make healthy, delicious choices wherever and whenever you eat. Change your focus from diets to ditching the junk and learn to enjoy eating healthy, whether at home or out and about. Choose nutrient-dense foods to control cravings.


Make life more colorful with fruits and vegetables. Adding fruits and vegetables to every meal and snack is a healthy way to add color to your life. Different colors contain different nutrients, so make your plate as colorful as possible!


Infuse more movement into your life for optimal health. Focus on finding a form of exercise you like and sticking with it. The goal is 150 minutes per week; however, adding any amount of activity is helpful as long as you make it a routine.


Create balance, vitality and wellbeing through self-care. Maintaining strong social connections, managing stress and getting enough sleep are as vital to health as diet and exercise.

To Join the Healthy For Good movement, simply visit the American Heart Association’s website and sign up to receive tips, life hacks and great advice on how to integrate small changes that make a big difference into your lifestyle.

At Senior Lifestyle we focus on whole health for our residents, so we strive to provide healthy dining choices, activities tailored to the needs of our senior communities, and endless opportunities for social interaction. We believe that these combinations lead to better health for everyone, so we’re committed to offering the very best to our residents and families. To learn more about programs offered in Senior Lifestyle communities near you, please visit our website at

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