How Well Do You Know Americans Over 50?

AARP is releasing a new seven-part series of fact sheets about Americans 50+. The first installment, Demographics, “explores the latest demographic trends among older adults including education, ethnicity, work status, and income.”

The Demographics research, conducted by Gretchen Anderson of AARP Research, reveals some interesting facts. Here are just a few that stand out:

– The 50+ set is over 100 million strong.


– The Pacific region (California, Washington, and Oregon) is the most diverse region for adults over 50.


– 67% of adults over 50 have a pet, with dogs being 1.5x more popular than cats.


– The median household income for adults 50+ is $56,710.


For more numbers and stats, check out the AARP’s easy-to-read infographic.

Future infographics of the “Getting to Know Americans 50+” series will include Hobbies & Activities, Home & Shopping, Health & Healthcare, Finances, Technology & Entertainment, and Travel.

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